My Sleeping Beauties

Before going to bed myself one night last week, I snuck into the twins’ room for a peek and had to get photos of them sleeping. Sweaty and exhausted from a full days play in such heat, they didn’t even wake when I pulled back the curtains a bit for some light.

Sleeping beauties – a lovely sight, isn’t it?






    1. best part about Summer, right? lol
      I bet I look the same when I hit the pillow too, long days n the sun takes its toll!

  1. SO cute! When I visit my daughter the temp in 20-40 degrees hotter than at home and I often feel like I need a quick cool rinse before I can even try to go to sleep. This precious pair seems to have no problem utterly conking out.

    1. On most hot nights I at least give their hands and face a cool wash, seems to help a little. Myself? Hot feet while sleeping is aggravating!

    1. Oh no – not these two!
      I opened the curtain just a crack and used my external flash.
      That’s how I knew they were tired, they didn’t stir – when usually they would have woken up and gave me that ‘WHAT are you doing??’ look.

  2. These are too stinkin’ cute! Hm…something to show their children when the time comes!

    1. Ha!! Yep, like “See how well your Mommy used to sleep? Don’t you want to be like Mommy?” lol

  3. Love the bedspreads, feet on the pillow and the adorable subjects. Mine have been sleeping together for months, must get a picture without waking them up (key point!).

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

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  5. I love how they both have their arms flung either to the side or over the head! Totally secure and safe!

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