My Organized Chaos on Facebook!

Well, after days of trying to Tweet, and it being so slow…the frustration has caused me to re-think new social communities, in order to reach my readers.

So, I have just started a My Organized Chaos Fanpage on Facebook.
It’s new, and I’m still playing with the settings and getting the hang of it – so please bare with me as I fine-tune it.

MyChaos Twitter is still there and strong (over 1400 followers), yet I find it hard to connect with certain people. (Plus, tweets completely change every 2 minutes, and the slowness irritates me to no end!) So I will still be tweeting along (when it lets me) and keeping that community growing.

So, starting today I will be adding another ‘Additional Entry’ to my giveaways…
Become a fan of My Organized Chaos on Facebook!


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