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When I was shopping for my double stroller, I had 2 to choose from in stores. (That really annoyed me!) And neither colors were high on my ‘attractive’ list. And, since a stroller is an example of baby gear that is used often (for a long time), it’s just as important to like what you’re looking at. After all, you’d be picky on your car color (or in my case, minivan color). So, why not be picky with you’re kids’ wheels too? My Monkey Moo is a fabulous Canadian shop which hails from Vancouver. Their job is basically to pimp the (stroller) ride.
My Monkey Moo offers unique stroller pads with matching blankets. They cover the stroller seat and back, allowing you to customize the look you want. There is a nice selection of trendy and hip fabrics to choose from, and you can get the stroller pads and blankets separately or in a set, which I would suggest.

I got 2 stroller pads and blanket sets in the Urban Damask style. The one side is a gorgeous brown and pink pattern, and the other is a plush and extremely soft Minky fabric. {{Ahh Minky}} Remember my love with Minky? The stroller pad is reversible, so either side of the pad can show. Right now I use the patterned fabric on the outside, and I will turn it around when it gets colder. Plus, the matching blanket is ideal for use pretty much anywhere. I like to take it to the park with us, we have received so many compliments on the set. My Monkey Moo also realizes how busy our lives are. There is no need to remove seat belt straps or the original stroller fabric to attach the stroller pad. The belts are just pulled through the holes already strategically placed on the pad. (and they are good for use with any stroller) When not in use, the pads can be rolled and tied using the two attached strings. Yet, when it is in use, they hang in front and it looks really nice and stylish!
The Stroller Pads and Blankets are both machine washable. This makes it easier on us to keep their seats clean (and also prolongs the life of the original stroller fabric) My Monkey Moo is designed and manufactured right in Vancouver. My stroller looks so much better now. And since they are both a gorgeous pink color, I get less,”Are they girls?” questions from strangers! Mom’s will agree that we tend to check out others’ strollers ALL the time. (I always ‘Ohhh’ at the latest model I see) Now, I tend to give my own a double glace for once. Thanks My Monkey Moo!

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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