Holiday Comforts

My Holiday Comforts: With each decoration I see and mention of Christmas from the kids {which is pretty often}, I’m very quickly getting into the Christmas spirit. It’s not even mid-way through November and I’m getting the itch to decorate and start my holiday baking. Those in the US still have Thanksgiving to tend to, but here in Canada {with our Thanksgiving in early Oct}, once Halloween is out of the way it seems that the Christmas season hits full force. And, i have to admit – I embrace it 100%.

There’s so many things about the holidays that I find comfort in, here is some on my {nice} list:

  • Though I don’t partake in much sledding and outdoor winter activities {brrr}, it makes me smile to see so many get excited about playing in the snow. I used to be that kid, so I get it.
  • Cozy evenings with the fire lit, cuddling up with the family and watching movies. Done way more frequently than in the summer, it’s the time to just relax. Jammies with footsies are optional
  • Sleeping in. Warm sun and birds chirping make me rise early in the summer yet it’s the cold still mornings that keeps me in bed longer. And I don’t mind, it’s rather comfy if you ask me!
  • Which brings me to another holiday favorite: my duvet. Brought out only in the winter months, there’s nothing like that pillowy softness after any chaotic day
  • Baking with the kids. We bake and make hearty meals more often during the holiday and that’s a great thing in itself, for the food and the blessed company
  • Reflecting on past years willed with warm Christmas memories
Christmas 2009
  • As per tradition, my husband reads ‘The Night Before Christmas’ to the kids every Christmas Eve. It’s something we all look forward to, and cherish the time each and every year
  • Our Christmas tree is full of memories and ornaments from Christmas’ past, right down to my childhood. I love it when we put up the tree and remember those past years and wonderful times in our life.
  • Flannel clothing from pullovers to the slippers for the whole family, jolly character prints a necessity!
And last but most important:
  • Sharing the holidays with family and friends, a time to really take comfort in life and love.

What are your holiday comforts?


  1. what a darling photo of your daughters!
    my comfort is knowing that I get to spend the time with my family

  2. Food, lots and lots of food.

    However, if I had a Tempurpedic I’m sure that would be it. Everyone who works at a Brick seems to have one. They are the ultimate bed!

    1. I haven’t tried one, but would love to – this Mom needs a better sleep, mine has been terrible these days! Maybe it’s all this food already? lol

  3. For me it has to be spending time with the kids cuddled up watching movies or going for walks. Love that we get 2 weeks together.

    1. Just hearing it makes me relaxed, Julia. There’s nothing better than cuddling up for a movie on a cold night!

  4. I don’t care for the cold, and snowy days means getting three little boys all dressed in winter gear (where did I see that mitten last night?) but looking out at the snow on all the trees while Christmas music is playing and gingerbread is baking, now that is a comforting scene 🙂 Babies in Christmas outfits is another comfort 🙂 You have beautiful girls!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I’m with you, it’s beautiful to look at, but the cold is not my thing either.

  5. it’s a nice picture. two cute child make me missing my nieces , long time no see them.

  6. I find comfort in quiet mornings with the dogs, following by noisy mornings with the kids 😉 Nothing like sitting around the table enjoying breakfast and talk of the day to come – pure heaven!

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