Family Vacation on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

I cannot believe that this time last week I was sitting on the verandah of the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas looking at this:

ocean, royal carribean cruise

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that the Caribbean is my true solace, my happy place. With days full of parenting and chaotic days, an escape to the tropics is what I yearn most. As in, all.the.time.

Can you imagine how gloriously thrilled I was to embark on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas with my fellow Fisher-Price Mom Ambassadors? Especially since the destination was: the Western Caribbean?

Ahhh! The sweet smelling breeze, warm sun and peace of the surroundings… take me back!!!

Yet, as many times as I have gone to warm destinations, I hadn’t before experienced the location via cruise ship. No, disregard that. The LARGEST cruise ship in the world. Though I am familiar with cruising with the family; I hadn’t experience Royal Caribbean before, the ships amenities and visiting multiple Caribbean destinations in one trip.

ship, royal carribean cruise

First off, saying the Allure of the Seas is huge, is an understatement – it’s MASSIVE. On-ship communities like the Promenade and Central Park make you wonder at every turn, ‘Am I really on a ship?’. Unbelievable.

view, royal carribean cruise

If shopping and comforts of home is your thing, there’s Starbucks, Coach and many stores again to shock and impress the masses.

How about 2 grand rock climbing walls, a hand-carved carousel, an ice skating rink, casino, theatre, many restaurants and cafes … the list goes on and on. And on. Needless to say there isn’t a lack of things to do or see.

royal caribbean cruise ship

While you may think the hustle and bustle of a ship this size and all it’s amenities is too ‘much’ for a relaxing vacation, think again. Lay by the pools, visit in one of the many pubs or find a corner to sit and gaze at the ocean.

pool, royal carribean cruise

Then, immerse yourself in the culture of one of the port destinations, simply wake up in a new country. Each turn is a new adventure.

While I have so much to share about our recent family trip, today I just yearn for that solace. A week home is enough to be buried in chaos again. Winter is here, it’s cold. I long for my verandah and the sweet Caribbean breeze. So fortunate that I can close my eyes and again be in my happy place.

palm tree



    1. It was amazing, So many things to share, email me if you have any questions about the Allure of the Seas or their partnership with Fisher-Price!

  1. Wow I am so jealous! I’m in desperate need of a vacation. Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Janet, funny I need another after coming home. I think I’m addicted to the holiday life!

  2. wow! Those pics are amazing! I’ve never been on a cruise and if I had, I would be feeling exactly like you are right now…take me back! I hope you get to go again soon, will you throw me in your luggage so I can finally get to see this also? LOL

  3. Okay. Now that is just teasing me especially with the ugly weather we currently have. Warm, sunny places are my happy place too. Not sure how I ended up here!

    1. I wonder that as well, why do I live here again?
      Then I wonder if I lived in such a place, would I take it for granted and not really see it’s beauty anymore….. nah!! 🙂

  4. So fun!! We’ve been on a couple of cruises and loved it every time – it seems overwhelming to go with three kids though, I’m glad you’ve shown me that it’s possible and enjoyable. 🙂 With the twins on the way I wasn’t sure we’d still be able to travel like this!!

  5. I can’t travel due to my health but always enjoy photos from others. How blessed you are to be able to do this with your family. I often dream of such an escape!

  6. oh yes, give me some of that… it’s snowing right now. Forecast is about 12 to 14 inches of snow.
    Nice now before Christmas but later… would rather be somewhere warm

  7. Nice post. I’m taking my family next March for my mother-in-law’s seventieth birthday. Half-excited and half-dreading…

  8. We are cruise virgins, but plan to try one this year. I’m reading up on this everywhere.

  9. Wow. That is amazing! I am a single momma and a full-time student. I can only DREAM of what a
    vacation like this would be like; beautiful ocean blues, warm breezes, lots of fun for my daughter and I.

  10. I can’t wait to go on this ship in the spring! My friend is getting married in Central Park!

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