My Creepy Bug Story

Anyone that knows me personally, will vouch that I have one intense fear of spiders. As in, run-like-mad-and-scream-at-the-top-of-my-lungs, intense. So each summer, many times I make a fool of myself, even running and screaming away from outdoor gatherings. Why spiders? Not sure – maybe it’s all those legs. It’s not normal.

Anyway, more creepy to me is the fear of the unknown creepy crawly. Last year, while on vacation in Mexico with the family, I woke up to evidence  that ‘something’ had been crawling on me in the night. I felt is as soon as I opened my eyes and tried to talk – and couldn’t. I had been bitten on the left side of my bottom lip – and it swelled to massive proportions. I tried to scream, but couldn’t, it was that swollen – right down to my neck. My husband and kids looked at me with the widest eyes ever, complete shock. They weren’t sure whether to console me or laugh.

The side of my mouth was so swollen I was drooling out the one side. When I tried to talk, my family burst into hysterical laughter. My speech didn’t even make sense! I took a couple Benedryl and the swelling went down within an hour. But to this day, I don’t know what bit that nigh in Mexico. I of course, blame everything on spiders. Those nasty little creatures!

It was the most creepy experience for me, since it’s a mystery what explored my face in the night. It still gives me shudders thinking about what could have been crawling around {or possibly in} my mouth. Terrible, awful feeling!! And, in the hysterics of the morning, no one thought to take a photo. Yet, I’m not quite sure I would even post it here if I had one. Ewww {shudder}.

So, do you have a creepy bug story?

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  1. I was sitting on a park bench in Savannah, Georgia. There was algae looking stuff on the side of the bench. All the sudden it got up and started walking! I’m not scared of bugs really, but that really freaked me out!

    Later that week I saw a spider in my apartment that was as big as my hand {no lie}. It was positioned between the top of the door and ceiling. I went to kill it, and it ran so fast I didn’t kill it. I was freaking out that it would reappear in my sleep {on me}! I had no health insurance at the time, and was thinking the worst! It was probably full of poison. Luckily I spotted it later, and killed it with a shoe. It’s body was the size of a quarter. I know this is gross, but I kept the dead spider in a plastic bag. I kept it just in case I got bit by another. That way if the worst happened, the hospital would see what kind of spider bit me.

    This bug part makes me happy that I don’t live in Georgia anymore. In Nebraska, we have pretty normal bugs.

  2. sounds like you were bitten buy an assassin bug ( aka kissing bug,conenose)as he’s sucking your blood ,he’s pooping on your chin .the feces may contain a flagellate protozoan that causes Chagas’ Disease.Careful!

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