My Chaos ~ In True Form

A group of people walking down a street next to a tree

When photographing my kids, I’m usually repeating, “over here, girls”, “look here”, “smile”, “turn around”, “face me”, “Hello??!?!!”.

With any active children, especially with 3 of them – it’s sometimes hard to even get them faced in the right direction let alone looking your way or smiling.

I realized that the best photo of my kids is one that truly represents what they are like.

And my kids?
They laugh, smile, and run. They are carefree little explorers.

It’s blurry and you can’t see their faces, but you know they are happy. My Chaos, in true form.



  1. Aww, I like this post! Definitely a post about real life. 🙂 Blurry photos sometimes capture the best moments!


  2. i truley agree with this, the best pictures are the real every day life ones. great post

  3. I really like this picture, Tammi and what you wrote is really quite true…taking pictures OF the moment truly captures what people are made of 🙂

  4. I agree .. its the moment you are going to remember .. catch it .. perserve it .. print it!

  5. This is a perfect photo…one where the children are simply in their element and having fun and enjoying life. These are my favourite type of photos of my daughter, Sara. The smiles and the laughter you can almost hear.

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