When you walk into shoe store, you usually have many brands and styles to choose from. And, they are usually categorized by type of shoe {or boot}. Heels on one side, flats on the other – and so on. That is exactly the shopping experience behind – they designed their online shopping to match asking your salesperson which one would would suit your own size or want in design.
So whether you’re looking for a specific style such as a pair of over the knee boots, jeweled sandals, dress or work shoes – can help you. The shoes featured at are all sought-after international designers, I’ll bet you’ll find many that you would love to have. This is exactly why there is the Clique Club, offering your choice of any set number of shoes for a certain price. Join the club for yourself, or with a group of friends.

For review, sent me a pair of Nicole shoes. They are the Blessed style in dark grey, and they are such a fashionable and chic heel! For me, they are the perfect height, and fit. What I love most about this shoe is that it is so comfortable. When looking at it, and my daily Mommy-lifestyle – I thought there was no way I’d wear this shoe that often. Which was fine with me, saving it for those {too few} special occasions out. When I first wore the shoe, I was very pleased that they are practical enough to wear on any day. I think the credit for this comfortable heel
{I didn’t think there was such a thing!}
lies in the premium leather of these shoes.
They are extremely soft, with no need to even break
them in.
The Blessed design comes in 4 other color choices as well as the dark grey which I have. And, the Nicole brand comes in a variety of types of footwear from flats to boots and strappy sandals. Nicole’s motto is ‘take it easy’, and for tremendous comfort and style, I’d have to agree.

Prices for the shoes depend greatly on the type you are looking for. The Nicole shoe that I received is $99,
and some sandals are only $29.
{Yet, there is a fabulous pair of boots that I keep ‘accidentally’ coming across which are $350}


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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