Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Brewer

Little known fact about me, I’m a bear until I have my morning coffee. Placed so high on my 101 Facts About Me, it’s true that everyone in my family knows how much I love and thrive on my coffee. And, given that I lean toward convenience, I cannot live without my single serve coffee maker. To get that fresh cup instantly, and whenever you want it {without brewing a huge pot}, I rely on single serve. Yes, I switched and will never go back to brewing a pot again {unless I have a houseful and need a ton of coffee}. For those that are nodding your heads with me here, have you been properly introduced to the Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Brewer?

Mr. Coffee is a brand that has been around for over 35 years, but just recently introduced their own single-serving maker. Of course, being the java-nut that I am, I eagerly accepted the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer for review. Immediately I was stoked because partnered with Keurig and takes K-Cups. And, with over 200 varieties of coffees. teas and hot chocolates – K-Cups are my current favorite choice.

And, the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer comes with a 5 pack of K-Cups, to get a taste of what’s out there for varieties.

I also like that the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer takes these K-Cups, since they are so readily available in most grocery stores here in Canada
{my Wal-mart just started carrying them as well}.
Operating is pretty straightforward, fill the reservoir with water and place your K-Cup of choice in the compartment – close and ‘brew’. In no time at all, a fresh cup is ready!

The Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer takes up little space on the counter and has a nice design. It also has a removable drip tray, to use the bigger cups like travel mugs. Though my Mr. Coffee brewer has been solely used for coffee, I lean towards drinking more teas in the colder months. Like it or not, Fall is approaching and that means that I can have my tea and not have to wait for water to boil. Yes, I am that impatient.

If you are reading this and wondering what the difference is between the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer and a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker, let me go into detail. First of all, price.
Mr. Coffee is a cheaper alternative. As well, the Mr. Coffee single serve brewer’s reservoir hold only 8oz, or enough for one cup. Many Keurigs hold more water in the reservoir and have more features such as the auto on/off and choice of water temperatures. Also, the Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer has only one option for cup size. Which isn’t a huge deal with me anyway, since I mainly use ordinary coffee cups at home.

I won’t readily give up on keurig at all, but for those that love their single serving brewers and are looking to save a bit of money, this is a great option. The Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer  can be purchased at major retailers across Canada and USA, or shop online at


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. That’s pretty cute! And of course handy! I’m NOT a morning person, but I’m not a huge coffee drinker these days either. Glad to see there are other beverage choices with this maker! 🙂

  2. I am like you need my morning coffee! I have a tassimo like it but do not like Starbucks coffee way to strong, I like my Timmys & love the variety of K cups so this is an awesome idea! Thanks Tammi.

  3. The Mr. Coffee brewer is now $48 @ Walmart.
    Can be price matched at FutureShop for $42.8 (current FS price is $100).
    Great little machine.

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