Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Kodak

This upcoming weekend is Mother’s Day. So, what’s your usual day like? If your husband or family is anything like mine, I am usually asked the day before, “So…what would you like for Mother’s Day?”. It’s good to have an ongoing list of things that you would like to have, just in case you are ever asked. Myself, I like to get things that I need, things that I can use – and I could make quite the list just by browsing the Kodak website!

One of the coolest {I just have to use the word ‘cool’ for this one, and you’ll soon understand why} is the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. Digital countertop frames that display cherished photos have been out for years, and they are very popular when it comes to gifting. Yet, the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame has one fabulous feature that makes it stand out from the rest: You can send pictures to the frame via email! This is one amazing feature to me, since one of the hassles of having a digital frame is constantly uploading new pictures into its card. Just think, Grandma can have daily updated pictures on her Digital Frame – just send them to her by email from your computer or phone! What a great gift to receive, and I bet that the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame would be watched more often than others – since you never know when you can get some new photos and memories! So, was I right? How cool is that?!

The Kodak Pulse Digital Frame is available for $129.95 at There, you can also read more about the features of the Pulse Digital Frame!


Kodak has a ton of personalized gifts as well, which always go over as a Mother’s Day gift. You can make Photo Books at the Kodak Gallery, and Canadians will enjoy free shipping just by picking them up at the local Best Buy or Future Shop.
Want some Mother’s Day Photobook ideas?

  • A Collection of Family Recipes, complete with pictures of the food or of past family gatherings
  • Photos of your Mom with her kid{s}, spanning the years. She’ll reminisce and cherish that book forever.
  • Make a Photobook that pays a tribute to her life. From a child to where she is now, celebrate her accomplishments, and relive how she became ‘Mom’!
  • Make a collection of funny faces and humorous photos of past events. Show her why she makes you smile and how much her presence enriched your life

Don’t forget to include text in photobooks, explaining a photo or sharing your memory makes photos come to life. And unlike cards, messages in Photobooks will be kept forever. And, generations later, others will know ‘your story’!


  1. wow….that IS really cool. Actually, this would be great for my Aunt, she is always hounding me for current pictures – always!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Well, haven’t they thought of everything? That makes the best Frame ever! wow…my Mom needs one of these, I could send her pictures all the time!
    Going to check out the site,…thanks, thanks!!!

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