Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Showcase

If you want to get the perfect Mother’s Day gift, you only need to listen.

Engage in everyday conversation and watch TV with the recipient – the key is to listen for those not-so-subtle hints as to what they’d like to have. For instance, I didn’t realize I said ‘cool, I should get that‘ when a TV commercial caught my attention one day, until my daughter brought it up one day while browsing in the Showcase store in our mall. Of course it was the Hot Designs Nail Art, so you know she wants to give them a try too!

You said you wanted this Mom!” my little one reminded me. 

And there it is. The hint you are looking for.

So, this year when you’d like to know what the perfect Mother’s Day Gift would be, don’t even bother asking for gift ideas {cause you’ll get a ‘I dunno‘ most likely}. Instead, you have two ears and you only need to keep them perked, because when someone is introduced to something they’d like to have – they share their discovery with others!

The Plan: Arrange a coffee date, keep the TV on for your visit, and simply … listen.

So, what exactly are you keeping those ears perked for?

There are some great items in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Showcase, home of the hottest trends and a great one-stop gift shopping destination. With 101 stores across Canada, Showcase has all sorts of items to pamper, treat, relax, spoil and make the life easier of someone you love.

This year, forget the usual and go for the ‘wow, I really needed this!‘ response!


Top Mothers Day Gifts to Pamper:


Gifts to Pamper Mom:


  • Personal Pedi

Rejuvenate your feet and hands with the Personal Pedi. With a special mineral roller that loosens and lifts calluses and a buffing roller that gives you silky smooth skin, your mom will have sandals- ready feet just in time for summer.


  • Tommie Copper

Be at your best while looking stylish, being active and getting healthy with Tommie Copper’s line of compression sleeves and clothing. Tommie Copper’s new Copper ZnergyTM fabric combines zinc and copper for advanced skin benefits, combined with compression for targeted relief. It’s the perfect gift for the mom that never stops.


  • Dr. Ho Massage System

Get instant relief without a masseuse. This easy-to-use digital massage system provides 12 relaxing massage techniques to any area of your body. And with four comfort pads, you can treat four different body areas at the same time or share a soothing massage with a friend.


  • BeActive Brace

Does Mom suffer from lower back pain, sciatica, or worse? BeActive Brace is the answer. It’s a pressure point brace that sits discreetly around your calf, even under clothes, for all-day relief.




Gifts to Make Mom Look and Feel Beautiful:


  •  Secret Extensions

Longer and fuller hair in just seconds! The secret is the revolutionary patented headband, which is completely invisible! It’s adjustable and fits beautifully without any bumps or ridges. Available in different colours to perfectly blend in with your hair.


  • Wen Hair Care

Wen Hair Care is an industry-changing product line that is the opposite of ordinary shampoo. What sets Wen apart is its non-lathering cleansing conditioner, a single-step process that cleans and conditions simultaneously for shinier, healthier looking hair.


  •  no!no! Hair PRO3

Never shave again, and get long lasting results with an entirely new no!no! hair removal experience. no!no! can be used anytime, anywhere: facial hair, body hair, even the bikini line. So no matter your skin type or hair colour, no!no! Hair PRO will change the way you think about hair removal.


  •  Dermawand

Dermawand, a condensed version of what professionals use, gives you a spa-like facial at home, using enriched oxygen to smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Mom will look years younger in just three minutes a day.



Frozen merchandise finally in stock 

To take the stress out of shopping and find the perfect on-trend gift for your Mom, find your nearest Showcase store at or shop Showcase online.

Customers will enjoy the FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada! Now that’s some easy Mother’s Day shopping!


I was compensated for this post, Opinions are always my own



  1. My Super Squad name is stephy905. Just in case that question is a mistake for this giveaway, I’m going to go ahead with what I’d like from Showcase. I would love to buy a Purrfect Arch for my kitties and a Veggetti Pro for my mom.

  2. Super Soft Sara, because I’d be using that Wen Hair Care set for soft, lovely hair <3

  3. Thinking the question might be wrong? Looks like it is the one from the Barbie giveaway, our squad name for that was Kindess Krew. From Showcase I would love to get the no!no!

  4. My Super Squad name would be Delightfully Delicious Danielle (it’s the most ridiculous thing I could think of).

  5. I’m not sure about the super squad name on this but I will tell you I love the idea of getting a Personal Pedi, plus I love the store Showcase, it’s a infomercial lovers dream come true

  6. Not sure what a super squad is? But probably mommy2fiveboys (like my twitter name lol)

  7. My super squad name is Aly. Short and easy to remember. I’ve been eyeing the Veggetti from showcase. It looks like it would be fun in the kitchen.

  8. I would Be Shops-A-Lot 🙂 … I think the squad name thing may be from the Barbie giveaway, buttttt I still want to be shops a lot haha

  9. We bought one of these pedi gadgets at Costco and love it. It was mostly for my husband as his skin is SO rough, but we all have tried it out!!

  10. I too am unsure of the Super Squad question but I’d be Captain Weezarita. Out of the items above, I’d love the Personal Pedi!

  11. My Super Squad name would be artistic reader – thank you – would love the no-No!

  12. I would love the Wen package. I’ve used Wen before and love it but I’m completely out. This is what I would like from showcase.

  13. not sure about my super squad name but I’d love to have soft hair with Wen Hair Care.

  14. I would choose to Canadian Vacation Chick Squad and we would all use Wen Hair Care products.

  15. Super Squad Name would be Mulan8x8. I’m fascinated by Personal Pedi. The regular foot files and emery boards don’t work very well.

  16. It would be “Petal Paws” as my feet would be sooo soft after using the personal pedi

  17. My Super Squad name would be DanaQueen because I would feel pampered like a queen if I won.

  18. I dont know where to get my super squad name from.. I saw some minecraft things at showcase the other day in the mall. id buy the pedipeel

  19. Super Squad name would probably be………….trying to be an Organized Mom of Chaos

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