Finding Your Morning Momentum


I’m a firm believer in enjoying the little things in life. Coming home to find the driveway already shovelled, getting a great parking spot in front of the school when I arrive for pickup and the discovery of a sale on that must-have item on the shopping list.

That goes without saying that my top simple pleasure in life is waking early enough to enjoy some time to myself before the morning chaos hits.

When the planets align {and my snooze button isn’t hit a dozen times}, I get to spend the first hour of my day waking up with a fresh cup of coffee. Checking emails, glancing at the schedule and making my plan of attack for the day – without the littles at my heels.


When this success is achieved, I honestly believe my day goes smoother, better like a big ‘ol kickstart.

It’s also a good day when my morning coffee is served with some flavour, yet I’m not alone in that preference. One in five Canadians prefer to have a hint of sweet flavour in their coffee. Yet, I’m not one that regularly buys flavouring for my coffee, instead I purchase K-Cups that have that flavour right inside, so that the taste brews throughout. 

Folgers wants to make our mornings a little more special, with the release of the new Mocha Swirl K-Cups. I was recently sent a Keurig brewer and some of their Gourmet Selections K-Cups, including the new Mocha Swirl flavour. What a divine way to make this girl perk up {heh}.


Mocha Swirl is a blend of mocha with the signature Folgers coffee, and it very closely resembles coffee-shop mochas that I order on occasion. Yet, with the convenience of making it at home with a single serve Keurig brewer. 

Mocha Swirl is the newest addition to the Folders Gourmet Selections K-Cup packs. It joins the delicious family of Vanilla Biscotti, Caramel Drizzle, Black Silk, Lively Columbian Regular and Decaf, Morning Cafe and Classic Roast.


I know what you are thinking here, this collection is the best family to wake up to. If you recall me saying how much I like to wake before my own family, to enjoy my first cup of coffee – yes, this is definitely my preferred family to see in the early morning!


With 88% of Canadians being coffee drinkers and 48% preferring to drink their first cup while getting caught up on the news – I’d say my morning ritual is like many others out there.

Morning Momentum from a favourite, with some added specialness? Go ahead, see how much better your day goes after some rich and tasty Mocha Swirl in your cup. Mmmm. I can’t wait until morning!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. my morning momentum I make coffee for hubby and the dog bugs me till I get up and feed her.

  2. My morning momentum is knowing that if I don’t get up before my children, I’ll get no quiet time in the morning lol

  3. My morning momentum is getting awoken by a hungry 16 pound tabby cat who has heard the coffee maker go off.

  4. Getting the kids up and ready so they don’t miss the bus! Then I can relax and enjoy my cup of joe 🙂 in peace!

  5. nothing gets me going in the morning until i have a coffee. I think a mini keurig would be PERFECT! are these for sale anywhere? If I don’t win one I might just have to convince someone to buy one for me for christmas!

  6. My morning momentum is smelling my husbands’ coffee brewing in the morning while I am listening to my favorite radio station on line 🙂

  7. I would cry mindlessly! I want to get a keurig for my husband so badly! Folgers is a morning favorite here, but waiting 20 minutes for a cup of coffee makes for a not so peppy morning 🙁

  8. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people in my house that would be made happy by having one of these 🙂

  9. Wake the kids,eat breakfast,get ready for school/the day. Then get a cup of joe while the kids are at school or playing. 🙂

  10. My morning momentum is hearing my son yell mommy at the top if his lungs from the bottom of the stairs at 6 am! LOL Then I dig into the biggest cup of coffee I can find! Then of course a nice shower to totally wake up!

  11. My morning momentum is slow. Get the coffee pot on, or better yet, wait until hubby puts on the coffee and I smell it brewing. Then get up. :)) At least 2 cups before I move any further than the couch!

  12. I wake up between 6:30 and 7:00, usually don’t need to set an alarm clock as my niece wakes me up, then I got into the kitchen with one eye open and make coffee. lol I cannot function without my coffee that is for sure.

  13. My daughter wants one for her birthday………………. I would be the best Mom ever…………….

  14. For me it would be having a long shower. Doesn’t happen much anymore, as everything is a rush.

  15. Strong coffee, let the dog out and in, and check my email. Without my coffee there would be zilch momentum for me!

  16. Snuggle my kidlets then coffee!! Followed by the standard breakfast arguement.

  17. My momentum during the week is to get to the office as fast as possible to get a coffee from the office Kurig. Being able to make one at home would slow my whole morning down to a nice pace!

  18. Making a cup of jo first gets my momentum going….when hubby is home we have a cup together. Once I have that in me, my regular routine of getting my three boys ready for school begins.:)

  19. my momentum is the noisy arrival of my grandkids, for me to feed and get to school. A big cup of coffee, with 10% cream and some agave, gets me through the next couple of hours in fine form. Thanks for the chance.

  20. My morning momentum sounds a little like this “Mommmmmmmmmmmmy where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?” that’s generally enough to get me up and going in the morning. I do enjoy a caffeinated beverage be sure of that, but my daughter is what really gets me going 🙂

  21. I usually eat some sort of sweets in the morning to get me energized,,I have a coffee later on! 😉

  22. My morning momentum is getting the family out the door for their day, then I head out for an early morning run. All of this happens before 8:00, I am definitely a morning person, lol!!

  23. Getting up, eating breakfast and watching TV.. That is if I HAVE to get up early, I’m not a morning person!!

  24. my morning momentum, coffee is always first then outside with the dogs and the coffee

  25. slow, i need a hot drink first thing!!! usually woken by hubby getting ready for work, baby will be up bit after so i take some time for myself to wake up some.

  26. I always start off my mornings with a cup of coffee with my hazelnut coffee mate. Mmmmm!

  27. My morning momentum is irritating to most people. My feet hit the floor and I am wide awake, energized and talking. My husband will actually cringe because he cannot process anything for at least an hour after waking up 🙂

  28. Always a few cups of coffee first, before breakfast, shower or daily routine, need a jolt in the morning.

  29. Smell of coffee wakes me up and gets me into the shower, the quicker I am done the faster I am drinking it~

  30. I take my daughter to the bus stop,once she is off to school,I come home and enjoy my coffee before starting my day!

  31. The first 30 minutes of my morning I’m a zombie… Get up, take out my dogs, feed my dogs and cats, empty the dishwasher and clean the kitchen. When all that is done I sit down and enjoy my reward. A hot cup of coffee I can savour.

  32. getting up before the kids and enjoying my fresh hot coffee, then I’m able to start the hectic day!

  33. Coffee first thing in the morning before kids are up or I am miserable lol Thanks for the chance

  34. I’m all about a great routine, but my momentum is definitely the extra snuggles with my lil man in the morning…gotta go work my butt off so that eventually I can have snuggles all the time!

  35. I walk first thing in the morning, before breakfast even before coffee. I get up and get out and walk for 20-30 minutes then come home and have a glorious shower that gets me going for the rest of my day. =-)

  36. coffee, coffee and more coffee… I try to wake up at least a half hour before everyone else so I can get at least 1 cup in before the chaos begins!

  37. My morning momentum is the cat coming in and jumping on and off the bed until I get up.

  38. I am not a morning person. My momentum is in I start off with a shower and then coffee.

  39. I wake up half an hour earlier then I REALLY need to be up- the time to have a cup of coffee and relax before the day begins is my momentum

  40. I need to get some momentum going. I’m useless without that first cup of coffee.

  41. Mornings just aren’t good until a nice hot cup of coffee in hand with some hazelnut flavouring!

  42. I am not a morning person, no matter how much I wish I was. My morning momentum is the meowing of hungry cats, which makes me drag myself out of bed and start my day.

  43. My morning momentum is very slow. Not. A. Morning. Person! I usually hit my snooze button a few times, roll myself out if bed and head for the coffee!!!

  44. does not start til husband is on the road all he buys me 5 coffees and I keep them in the fridge and heat up in the morning.a keurig would be good.we could wake up together.

  45. I hit snooze atleast 5 times. the prospect of being late is my momentum. I like the pressure, lol

  46. I eat breakfast with the kids, and once I drop my oldest off at school, I get to enjoy my first cup of the day! That always gets me going.

  47. My husband brings me a cup of coffee in bed and the kids climb into bed with me. I spend about 15 minutes drinking coffee, snuggling with the kids and waking up.

  48. My momentum in the morning is a soothing river sounds alarm on my BlackBerry. It wakes me peacefully but still keeps me on time!

  49. Tea & an English muffin served to me in bed really helps my momentum for the rest of the day

  50. First thing I do is stumble to the coffee pot and turn it on, then outside for a cig and then back to the coffee pot. I am famous for pouring my first cup before the machine has finished brewing. Only then does the momentum needed to start the day kicks in. 🙂

  51. I HAVE to start my day with a hot shower–even if its the middle of summer; followed with a cup of coffee.

  52. I’m usually awakened by my kids and then I’m in a big rush to get everyone off to school and work. I wish I could have quiet time to just sit down with my husband and enjoy a cup of coffee.

  53. Having everything ready the night before makes my mornings go so much smoother. Get son on the bus then relax with a cup of coffee and watch Breakfast television for 1/2 an hour then its time to get me ready for the day!!

  54. Awesome!! love this.. so interesting to know facts as well as enter a great contest.. thanks so much!!

  55. First thing I need in the morning is my coffee,to get me going and get my boys off to school!

  56. I usually have cuddle time with my daughter then downstairs to get a coffee and put on a show for her, then breakfast and housework it is

  57. my whole life I liked being the first one up. sit around relax while eating breakfast in quiet. since having kids it rarely happens. so now I like to lay in bed and relax until the kids try to crawl in with us then I head down to make everyone breakfast and i’m not happy until I have a slice of toast. my husband is the coffee drinker in this house

  58. Coffee, coffee, coffe. Do not talk to me until I have my first cup of coffee in my hands. lol

  59. My morning momentum is a good cup of coffee…sometimes I dont have time to brew a pot so have to buy one, this sure would make my life easeir and less expensive..thanks

  60. 2-3 coffee with double cream and sugar. Is there any other way to start the day.
    I do not think so.

  61. My morning momentum is a nice hot shower and then an nice cup of coffee then after that I can go on with my day.

  62. my morning coffee gets my momentum going 🙂 Then its toast and out the door

  63. Well the kids are my momentum first thing in the morning, then shower then coffee!!

  64. My morning momentum is that I share the school carpool with my boss, so if I am not on time it starts the day off on the wrong foot and the two of us are all messed up and off track for the rest of the day. In a daycare with 7 kids under 3.5, being off schedule isn’t and option 🙂

  65. The am momentum in my world is very slow to start – but if I don’t have a shower it’s not pretty. It doesn’t matter how short there’s something about the water that helps make me move.


  66. My morning momentum is when I see the sun, gets me going, then on to a nice cup of coffee.

  67. A cup of coffee and I too try to get in half an hour before the kids and school and work.

  68. Coffee – it’s set to go the night before so that I can make it before I’m really awake!

  69. mine is that my hubby makes me my coffee first thing! I need it in order to get my momentum going!!!

  70. I get my kids ready for school, once I get to work I grab my coffee and walk the 12 flights of stairs to my desk while reading the new and catching up on twitter

  71. My morning momentum is being retired and rising & shining whenever I like-then coffee!!

  72. I NEED coffee first thing in the morning or the day will not start!! I really like the Folgers vanilla biscotti.

  73. Coffee is that heavenly hot liquid I’d gladly have run intravenously through my body as I am pretty sure that is what I run on somedays! Especially when I start work at 5 am instead of 6 am 😉

  74. I’m one of those disgustingly cheerful morning people but I still need that morning coffee!

  75. I like to get up and go, but the first thing I like to do is make a cup of coffee! Hubby is a bit slower than I am lol

  76. Get out of bed, put the coffee on, get the stuff out and make lunches. Pour the coffee in cups / prepare, and take a nice coffee break.

    COFFEE 🙂 <3

  77. My morning moment is waking up to beautiful smile for my darling girls and I am ok knowing I will have my coffee soon!

  78. I don’t have much “Morning Momentum” as I am fundamentally a night owl… A good night’s sleep does help if I can get it.

  79. I love mornings…but if it’s a nice sunny day, and I have something exciting to do, that’s enough to get me up and out of bed!

  80. My husband brews us each a coffee while I make us oatmeal for breakfast. After my 15 minute workout I then indulge in a wonderful 2nd cup of coffee!!

  81. breakfast,get the kids off to school,then a coffee when the house is quiet all to myself !!

  82. I am not a morning person but a cup of coffee and a smoke, then I am good to go.

  83. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win The Folgers & Keurig Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of What is your morning momentum?
    My morning momentum is to get up and make myself a cup of coffee,have a cigarette
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    I would love to win this Mini Keurig Machine.Right now i am drinking instant coffee and
    i would love to try the Folgers Mocha Swirl k-cups.
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  84. how about my lack of morning momentum? I make my coffee at home and bring it in to work, so my first sip isn’t until after 830. Maybe a Keurig would help that 🙂

  85. Love my coffee first thing in the morning as I check emails and Facebook. Definitely looking for the new Folgers Mocha Swirl!!!

  86. I just get up and eat breakfast and go – I like to sleep in as last as possible

  87. Mine has to be seeing the big smile of my three year old when he says Mommy, Hi Mommy, and then of course a large coffee!

  88. My morning momentum is lemon water and a walk. Definitely refreshing in our recent blast of winter weather!! 😉

  89. My morning momentum takes me straight down to the kitchen to start brewing the coffee.

  90. My morning momentum is a 16 month old boy who doesn’t know the meaning of sleeping in…and a big cup of Earl Grey tea to keep up with him.

  91. i’m a slow morning person until i get my first 1/2 cup of cofffee in me then lif eis all good

  92. There is NO momentum to my morning. I am as non-morning as a person can get! If it wasn’t for my cat yowling EVERY morning as if he was on the brink of starvation, I would sleep all morning :p

  93. I like to sit in the dark with a cup of coffee in pure silence 🙂 I don’t get the chance to do that often :/

  94. my morning momentum is definitely the coffee and/or tea part! especially in the winter time, when it’s cold and chilly!

  95. I start making the coffee, let the dogs out, let them back in then sit down and enjoy the coffee.

  96. I dnt drink coffee but my husband does huge amounts lol i love to wake upabd smell that Folgers in his cup smell heavebl

  97. My momentum is a a hot shower first thing, followed by coffee. Then I am set for the day. Alas, left on my own I am not a morning person but a night owl.

  98. I get up very early for work & I’m definitely not a morning person. Coffee helps me perk up!

  99. My morning momentum is getting woken up by my 15 month old and 3 1/2 year old who are more than ready to greet the day! And shortly after I make my way to the coffee machine!

  100. Just making it through the crazy morning of getting the kids out of the house for school and then having a few quiet minutes to myself:)

  101. Every morning I get up to make hubby’s lunch and as much as I’d like to go back to bed I’m too awake to go back to sleep. LOL. So might as well keep going.

  102. every morning i make a huge travel mug full of tea and sip it quietly. it’s so warm and cozy it’s the perfect start to my day especially as this weather gets so cold!!

  103. There is no morning momentum…. seriously. Maybe a hot chocolate to get me going would help.

  104. my morning moment is always when I have my first cup of coffee, followed quickly by a second 🙂

  105. Coffee, coffee, coffee! The only thing that starts the morning momentum for me!

  106. the prospect of being late usually gets me out of bed after hitting snooze 5 or 6 times!! I like the pressure.

  107. Not a morning person at all. I’m trying to improve though, need to get out of this slow momentum

  108. I like to get up early and get things going with some coffee or tea and a bit of relax time on my computer!

  109. Would so love a mini keurig…I love mornings..but not without coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Unfortunately, momentum is not a word I would use to describe me and mornings but, if I had to answer, I guess I would have to say COFFEE.

  111. my morning momentum is listening to my kids alarms all going again … and again … and again , so I get a cup of coffee and if they are still hitting the snooze buttons when I am done then I go roust them all out of bed

  112. My morning momentum is using a cold glass of water to wake me up and a bowl of cereal, or a protein shake.

  113. I very slowly wake up over the first couple hours I get out of bed, have coffee, read, etc and then I go, go, go for the rest of the day.

  114. I slowly wake up and make my way to the kitchen to make a hot drink and then check my email. It takes me a while to wake up and actually feel like doing much for at least an hour.

  115. A shower and a cup of coffee. If I can’t get them both, I might as well go back to bed.

  116. I am a morning person so I normally don’t have a problem getting up. BUT I am a coffee -a -holic . My day just doesn’t start off right without at least one cup.

  117. Definitely a strong cup of coffee with just milk please! I don’t know what I would do without it! 🙂

  118. My morning momentum is fast passed, get the kids cleaned and ready, fed. clean the house. And then I like to relax and have a cup of coffee

  119. My little one and her “morning mommy” get me going every single day, nothing perks me up more then seeing her smile and hop up to watch a morning cartoon with me

  120. My extra large latte that I make every morning. I don’t talk to anyone until i have that 🙂

  121. Use to do the gym in the morning but just too lazy now lol… Oatmeal and coffee are the go to now

  122. My morning momentum is my coffee. Even if I only get 5 minutes to enjoy it I need those sips to get going. Really messes with my mornings when Tobei didn’t have time to brew a pot before leaving for work and I wake up to no coffee.

  123. My morning momentum is to relax with a cup of coffee, and then prepare the kids breakfast and school lunches!

  124. I usually have coffee at ‘elevenses’…I usually have a cup of tea first thing and then it’s onto coffee.

  125. I have my quiet time, a hot cup of coffee, in the winter in front of the fireplace, in the summer out on the deck

  126. My morning momentum is a cup of coffee before everyone gets up. I really do need my peace first thing in the morning so I set my alarm to have that time to myself.

  127. Coffee is my morning momentum…seriously, if the little blue light (on the coffee pot) isn’t on when I stumble into the kitchen, I turn around and go back to bed until my hubby makes coffee!

  128. Dragging my tired self out of bed changing a diaper, starting my coffee and then it’s time for breakfast. I can not live without my coffee!

  129. I come dwonstairs and walk right to the coffee pot…lol. Need my cup of black java!!!

  130. I go downstairs and right to the coffee pot…lol. I need my cup of black coffee!!!

  131. I love the ME quiet time with a hot cuppa joe . . . I also LOVE Kuerig !!! Would love to share my mornings with Kuerig and Foldgers !!!!

  132. my morning momentum is my kids, especially my 2 year old, but with a coffee in my hand my momentum picks up much faster! lol 🙂

  133. Honestly the only thing that keeps me going in the morning is knowing that it HAS to be done lol. Otherwise I would just stay in bed lol.

  134. Slow!!! But my toddler is on overdrive superspeed. So anything that can get me moving faster helps 🙂

  135. I have to have a shower, eat some protein & coffee & listen to either morning news or some sing-to music or dance-to music.

  136. My morning momentum is defiantly starting my day with a strong coffee and getting the kids off to school!

  137. first I have to feed my cats and take the dog out,but then I get to enjoy a cup of coffee, a bowl of oatmeal and another cup of coffee.

  138. I’m not a morning person, but after I wake up, I usually just have toast and coffee. 😀

  139. my dog and I sit on the couch , look on the net, and drink coffee! yes she drinks coffee too.

  140. my coffee is on a timer so that I can go straight to the kitchen and pour a cup, before my eyes are really open.

  141. Coffe! And my coffee machine is out….i hate boiling water; does’nt smell that good 😉

  142. I start with Van Houtte House blend, then switch to decaf in the morning, would love to try the mocha swirl 1

  143. My little girl gets me up in the morning and coffee gives me a boost to get going.

  144. I usually try and get up pretty early and go for a walk, theres not too many people out that early so its pretty relaxing and peaceful

  145. After I get up I take the dog outside and then come in to a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

  146. I drink a cup of green tea every single morning, my hubby on the other hand loves his coffee to get him going first thing every morning!

  147. I have to a cup of tea in the morning to get me on the move. I have my coffee in the afternoon.

  148. I don’t actually drink my coffee until early afternoon, the mornings are far too busy

  149. I recently went back to school and have really early mornings now thanks to my commute (three buses to get across town. Sometimes I hate not having a car). This would make waking up so much easier!

  150. outta bed, first put on the coffee, make lunches… make sure kids re up and getting ready for school. Drink a coffee with the hubby, then off they go, all of them… drink more coffee and enjoy a bit of me time before chores get started!

  151. I don’t have much momentum in the morning:) But I have to get my daughter off to school and take care of a babe so I have to focus and get it done:)

  152. everyday is different. my husband doesnt know if hes waking up to a monster or his wife lol! COFFEE definitely gets me and keeps me going

  153. I have about 10 minutes of “me” time in the morning, before I have to get everyone else going! I love this time! Just me & my coffee!

  154. The only thing that gets me going in the morning is my coffee! And knowing the fact I have to get off to work, but I could do that without my brew first!

  155. Dark roast coffee preferably Folgers Black Silk!
    priscillabenavides at yahoo dotcom

  156. I stagger out of bed when the kids start pulling on my covers and begging for food. I head straight to the coffee pot and get a pot brewing. I make breakfast for the kids and get a lunch ready for my oldest. Sometime in there I’ll pour my coffee. I’m very lucky if I get to drink it while it’s still hot. Once the caffeine kicks in I’m good to go. I’m not a fan of mornings.

  157. My morning momentum is starting off with a great cup of coffee. Sower, put myself together and go on about my day 🙂

  158. My morning momentum is slow. It takes me a bit to get going and I like to have time to myself first thing in the morning.

  159. I’m soooo not a morning person but coffee really helps. I am a grouch without my morning coffee lol

  160. I have to have that blast of water in the shower to get me awake and then 2 cups of coffee and I’m good to go.

  161. My morning routine is coffee has been about 50 years….love my coffee, its the first thing I do, have coffee

  162. I don’t have much momentum in the morning, but I do look forward to my cup of coffee to get me moving!

  163. Make lunches for the kids, make coffee, get kids up, change, brush teeth, and again try to get the kids up. Take coffee to go cup and leave.

  164. I would love to have a keurig machine. Hubby has one at work and teases me constantly if I win this, he can’t use it!!

  165. Coffee first, before anything. And then more coffee. And then some food if I think of it.

  166. My 2 dogs give me no choice but to have morning momentum! First things first though they get their breakfast bowls filled whilst my Cofee bubbles away they always wake up and smell the Coffee

  167. 3 beautiful girls and a home daycare of 4 rambunctious boys. That is my morning and my coffee is a MUST! I have it in my Indigo initial mug too 😉 Thanks for the opportunity.

  168. I usually shower n dressed in a dazed… And won’t wake up until I get a cup of coffee on my way to work

  169. My morning momentum is slow, starting with listening to the news on the clock radio until I’m alert enough to find my way to the kitchen for my requisite 2 cups of black coffee, after which my much faster rest-of-the day momentum kicks in. (Could be a multiple entry. Had problems getting comment to post and had to switch web browsers.)

  170. My gut instinct is coffee! It is where I go and what I do first thing in the morning. Depending on what time I wake up dictates if I shower mid-coffee or wait until I am all done, back somewhat clothed. Chug. Make another. I can’t go anywhere without 2 in me!

  171. My morning momentum is coffee of course 🙂 Hopefully I will get to try folgers mocha swirl in the Keurig 🙂

  172. my momentum is Very Slow- But a Few cups of strong coffee and I am good to go =) Thanks for the chance at a Great prize =)

  173. My morning momentum is coffee. I can’t even think until I have my morning coffee, not a morning person.

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