Month In Photos: September 2014

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September 2014 marked a milestone in my life. For the first time in 10 years, I was to have my days to myself – all 3 of my girls were in all-day school! {insert confetti and party hats here}

I do admit to a few moments of panic over where the time has gone and how it truly now feels like I don’t have babies anymore. The eyes did tear a couple times, yet for the most part, I’m thrilled. I find I have a tad more patience than before and don’t feel quite as rushed every day, the chaos isn’t as thick.

In September 2014, we also celebrated my oldest turning the big 10 – double digits! This is huge, since that’s half-way to 20 and looking at it that way, scares me.

This month also meant the start of activities, taking up 4 evenings a week. Cheer 3 nights a week, dance and gymnastics classes – rinse and repeat.

I pretty much live in my car now, which is alright since I got a new one in September. Minivans were never my thing, it feels so good to be in a SUV again, and a pretty bad@ss-boss one at that. Rawr.

My husband and I ended the month of September with a trip to British Columbia, to attend a beautiful wedding. The dates fell on our 13th wedding anniversary plus we actually honeymooned there so many years prior. Perfect, right? It was a nice long weekend getaway in the mountains and a nice ending to the month of September.

So, how was your September 2014? 

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  1. My September 2014 was filled! We were out and about, it seemed like every day! Seem like you have a wonderful September

  2. A lot of great milestones! I remember when my younger daughter entered kindergarten. Part of me was like “woo-boo!” and part of me was sad that she wasn’t my baby anymore. The smiles are beautiful and they will always be your babies.

  3. Wow have your girls grown! I still remember reading your posts about when they were in diapers and how frustrating it was. They’ve grown into beautiful girls.

  4. I found Sept flew by so fast I cant really remember much. my nephew got married. you have beautiful children.

  5. September was really good here! I’ve entered into my third trimester with our first son and we’re both healthy and growing, we’ve celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary and I’ve just finally now finished putting away all the generous gifts from my amazing baby shower. All in all, it was a perfect month!

  6. Great pictures!!! I love the black and white on of the girls, such an awesome picture, I wished I had a great picture of my girls that was that great!

  7. I am happy to hear that September was a really good month for you.
    We had a very good month as well. I am well and healthy and look forward to each day. My husband is not as well but I think we are managing well for the time being -one day at a time is my motto. All my children, grandchildren are well and my great grandchildren are so cute and sweet that life is sweet most of the time.

  8. I can’t believe how much your girls have grown since I started following your blog! They are all so beautiful and it looks like everyone had a great month!

  9. I have been following you for a bit and love watching your month in photos. It is so much fun seeing everything you do and how happy y’all always are.

  10. That top corner picture is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it in black and white! I’m so looking forward to the day all my kids are in school!!!

  11. Looks like another busy, but fun month! 🙂 Our September flew by because, like you, both my girls are in school full-time. It’s so quiet around the house now, and so weird.

  12. Your pictures are always so great to look at. Doesn’t hurt that your girls are simply gorgeous and have such personality too.

  13. beautiful photos, you can be proud of your princesses 🙂
    Looks like September was a fun filled month for you guys. I don’t know but it seems to have flown by for me, a 27 yr old son has moved back in and we’ve had our first snow.

  14. Me too !! My youngest is gone !!! Now i’m re-learning to be a unique human being ^_^ Being by myself in my house in silence without asking me ; what are they doing now….Is relaxing

  15. September was a great month for you…..September for me was filled with making new memories with my family. Can’t wait to see what October brings for everyone

  16. Sounds like such an eventful September! Your kids are absolutely adorable! Our September marked my sons 6th Birthday! Time goes by way too fast! and like you, my days are now freed up 😉 Not for long tho…have another one on the way in late October and I can’t wait!! Time to get busy again so I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks in peace and quiet

  17. I love your pictures. My Sept. was fabulous, we went on a trip to PEI and celebrated our life together.

  18. September had never gone as slowly as it did this year. With a child in the hospital it seemed like it took forever to end.

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