Month In Photos: November 2014

November 2014 month in photos myorganizedchaos

November 2014 was insane, as evidenced by the late posting of this month in photos. It was the month when the snow and ice set in, and a general ‘blah’ fell on Alberta. You can sure tell by my photos for the month, all the greys and whites – just how happy I am to see winter weather.

Yet, the sun rises and we need to make the most, just like the photo I took one morning on the way to school. The sun hitting the frost was so pretty.

So, the very good of November 2014 was decorating for the holidays and the smiles on my kids faces as their excitement for Christmas grows.

We dog-sat in November, Harley is actually our old dog and my first ‘baby’. Long story short, he doesn’t quite like toddlers too much so he’s lived with a loving family for the last 8 years and we visit with him as much as possible.

It’s really best for all – but man, I miss this dear friend. Of course, dog-sitting sparked a whole lotta ‘I want a dog!!‘ begging from the kids, and from my husband. This resulted in us stalking the SPCA and us seriously considering it. Then, I remembered that Harley went home and I cleaned up the mess in the yard, so … well, end of discussion. For now.

November 2014 was a big month for my oldest daughter, Miss Isabelle. Contact lenses! Gah, now this makes me feel old.

Her glasses slipped too much during Cheerleading and Gymnastics {side note: her Gymnastics coach was in Cirque du Soleil. Cool huh?}. So, Isabelle didn’t wear glasses during gym time, yet the ‘active while blind’ thing wasn’t working for her, for obvious reasons, so contacts is a much better solution.

I’m trying to stop her from growing up so fast, so I suggested we bedazzle our matching contact cases. I got a look of disgust and one fierce eye roll. I tried.

Life, it just never slows down.

How was your November 2014? 

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  1. I love that snowman photo. I need to pose my son with one for a photo! Those decorations are his favorite thing.

  2. I am so glad your dog is with a loving family! I just just how hard it is to have to part with a beloved fur baby!

    1. She’s 10 as well Dede. I’ve been debating the idea after her eye doctor suggested it last year. Worried about her age, cleaning them, responsibility etc – she’s doing remarkably great!

  3. My November 2014 was awesome, I got to learn and laugh with fellow bloggers at a Summit and I got to take my daughter on a once in a lifetime trip. Lots of memories were made this past month.

  4. These photos are gorgeous! It looks like your kids were all dressed up and ready for the snow!

  5. I love the idea of a month in photos. I love that shot of the snowy trees, that is gorgeous! Congrats to your daughter on the contacts, that must be so exciting!

  6. Oh my gosh!! What a lovely collage of beautiful pictures you took. I love your dog.He’s so adorableand love the picture of the frozen looking trees too.

  7. Life certainly does not slow down especially when kids are in the house. I applaud your efforts in trying to keep your daughter from growing up to fast, even if it didn’t work. Lovely photos

  8. I look so forward to this monthly post and it is so good of you to share these precious moments of your family. Contact lenses…my…Isabelle has grown up so fast!

  9. Absolutely love your “month in Photos” posts; so nice to see what the girls are doing! Love them all; especially the one of Katie in front of the tree

  10. So many magical moments in photos, thank you for sharing them. Such fun, beauty and happiness in photos. Have a beautiul week!

  11. I always enjoy your photos, actually I feel jealous because I know I should be taking more photos of family moments..I love the pic of Harley so much I want to take him home..:)

  12. awe those photo are precious!! i love the one where your daughter is standing in front of the tree!

  13. My daughter is in gymnastics as well. She loves it. How does you daughter like wearing contacts?

  14. Such great photos! I wish we got more snow here instead of just rain, rain, rain. Can’t make a snowman out of rain!
    Love your little ‘Elsa’ in front of the tree too…great shots!

  15. I do not envy you with all the snow there! Winter hasn’t started yet but I am counting down the days until I can get back outside on the bike! Almost all my friends who wore prescription glasses or contacts in school have since gotten laser eye surgery to correct thier vision, it worked and they love it! But it’s becoming a very common procedure now!

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