Month In Photos: August 2014

a photo collage

JULY 2014 has taken me a long time to publish!

While this month has been busy and I’m trying to adapt to back to school, I’d rather believe that we are doing some wonderful things as a family lately – and there just isn’t enough time.

August was one fantastic month though and by looking at our photos, you could say that it was Isabelle’s month to shine.

You might notice that August 2014 includes a photo of Isabelle with Katy Perry! Thanks to Covergirl, we were VIP guests to her Calgary concert and got to go backstage before the show. Isn’t she just gorgeous?! Really, this woman is flawless.

Oh, and there’s a photo of myself with my girl as well. The Katy Perry concert was a mother/daughter date night so we had to selfie the occasion. Oh, and get a nice little photobomb from Katelyn.

I also took my oldest and her friend to the Big Ticket Summer concert and meet many Family Channel stars, but she also got to meet Cody Simpson and play a game of UNO with him!

So, our summer literally had a star-struck ending, fireworks and all {heh, right Katy?}.

The rest of our August 2014 was spent taking in the summer sun. It rained quite a bit this month {with one doozy of a hail storm}, so we ceased each opportunity to get outdoors. Camping, parks, spray parks, walks … ahhh summer.

In August my oldest had her choreography camp for cheer and the twins took a week of swimming lessons as well. My little water babies begged for more classes when it ended so I’m convinced they enjoyed it.

Indeed it was a busy but incredible August 2014. We only have 18 summers with the kids – and we certainly made this one count!

Did you have a good summer? 

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing summer. How fun to have a mother daughter date and get a picture with Katy Perry! Awesome. Our summer was pretty good here as well!

  2. What an awesome star ending! Sounds like an amazing summer. We had a lot of fun this summer. It went by too quickly. Our highlight was a trip to Six Flags because my son loved the rides.

  3. I am such a sucker for black and white photos, and these ones are particularly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My family and I moved into our new home and have been enjoying being back in Kansas near grandma and grandpa, so of course, this summer has been amazing! There are so many amazing family friendly events to take the kids to, it’s never a dull moment Beautiful shots!

  5. First let me say that your daughter is just beautiful. She looks just like her mom! I had a great summer. Lots of time on the boat with the hubby, my sister, and her kids.

  6. My summer was great! We had a lot of fun, and I got to watch my children grow. Some parents hate to watch their kids grow up, but I love watching them grow and mature.

  7. I had a great summer but it went way too fast! Your family is so beautiful and I am totally jealous you all got to meet Katy!

  8. I am not happy summer is over. It went by so fast. I didn’t get to do all the fun stuff I wanted to do. It sounds like you had an amazing summer!

  9. I am not happy summer is over. It went by so fast. I didn’t get to do all the fun stuff I wanted to do. It sounds like you had an amazing summer!

  10. Sounds like your summer was more than amazing! And meeting katy… you can’t get better than that! I always love your photos.

  11. Wow, you are the coolest family ever… our Summer was totally not as much fun as yours. HA! Thanks for sharing

  12. How fun! Looks like your family had so many fun adventures! We just got back from a long trip to visit family – that’s my favorite part of summer!

  13. It’s great that your kids got to enjoy all that star studded fun! Schools in, back to routine. 🙂

  14. Our summer was a very busy one. We put our house up for sale and it sold with a closing date that was coming up fast. We searched for a new house and found one in the nick of time. We packed and moved and are now slowly settling in. My son also started his first year of College.

  15. Great photo collage!
    We had an amazing summer with our trip to Japan; loved it there.

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