Month In Photos: September 2015

September 2015 was a time to return to school, and fall back into routine. The twins started Grade 2 and Isabelle went into Grade 6 – middle school!

In September 2015 we went on our last camping trip of the year, at our creek property. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous weekend, the temps were still high and the sun shining. There, the girls rode their bikes, collected rocks by the river, and played with friends. As the sun set the light sabres came out, and shortly after, someone at the site set off a fireworks display that revelled even our city’s biggest event of the year. The evening ended with a toasty campfire – it was perfect. 

september 2015 month in photos myorganizedchaos

In this month my oldest {Isabelle} turned 11, and ‘hung out’ with only a few close friends. They played laser tag, went out for dinner and milkshakes, and then had a movie night. It was simple, and very much unlike her birthdays before. She requested not to have a cake this year, so we sang to her over morning brunch, toasting with bacon. For her, the day was amazing and she had so much fun. For me, it was sad – no huge celebration and cake – this was the day where ‘she’s growing up‘ hit me the hardest, ever. This day which was much like usual days, was a turning point for me, and I’m not quite sure what to think – I’m left sort of stunned. 

September 2015 also saw the start of sports and activities, and a full schedule on the fridge. Between where we had to be, there were times spent where we needed to be – taking in the last of the warm sunshine outdoors. 

How was your September 2015?

If you haven’t made your own Month in Photos yet, you need to give it a try! Gather your best of the month for a photo collage and then print each month off. By years end you’ll have a year in photos album – without much effort required at all. Voila!



  1. Great pictures. Your girls are really pretty! I’ve been following your blog for years and they’ve grown up so much!

  2. Wow! I can’t remember how many years it’s been following your blog but since it began and seen your girls grow and wow did they ever turn into beautiful young ladies, time just seems to fly by but the bright side is you as a family have made a ton of memories and went places a lot of people only dream of, when your my age you will long for these years back! So cherish every moment good and bad.

  3. I too have been following your blogs for years. It’s been great watching your beautiful girls grow up!
    What a sweet family!❤️

  4. Its so nice to watch the girls grow into beautiful young ladies,they look so much like you it amazing

  5. Photo Crazed Mom – having one son – after 13 years of infertility – I try to capture every moment, don’t want to miss a minute. Love candid shots – the corridor picture with the girls is the moments I try to snap.
    Beautiful photos of your family. Their smiles are contagious. Thanks for posting.

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