Month In Photos: October 2015

October saw beautiful skies, somewhat warm days and chilly nights. It was a month that I’d sum up to be recovery from the whirlwind that is September, finally finding routine and balance again.

We had the upstairs of our home painted mid-month and I’m still trying to bring it all back together. What I need is a full day devoted to shopping. It’s actually choosing new curtains that are throwing me for a loop, I’m just not thrilled about any pattern or fabric I’m finding in stores. Which leads me to wonder at what point in my life did the shift happen, where choosing curtains causes me panic attacks?

Anyway, for most of October I’ve stared at empty walls and bare windows, it’s just too bad the view is of newly naked dead-looking trees. Blah. 

Of course the highlight of October 2015 was Halloween, and the anticipation started on the first of the month for the kids. So, waiting 31 whole days was pretty much like torture for them and I’m sure whoever decided Halloween should be at the end of the month, didn’t have kids. When the big day finally rolled around, the girls were dressed in costume and ready to go, even before I got myself out of bed. It felt like the day that would never end! 

October 2015 month in photos myorganizedchaos

In between counting down to Halloween and living the chaos of a painted house, in October 2015 we went to a few other events and parties and spent some afternoons with friends. On one such afternoon I discovered that new skates and helmets will be required before winter officially hits … x3. Sigh. 

I’ve lost count on how many months my Katie has been wearing animal headbands daily. We’ve actually called her Katie-Kat for years {she’s always had a huge love for cats}, yet she’s really living up to the name now with actually dressing like one. This one shot of her included in my October 2015 Month in Photos makes me chuckle, I’m glad I looked over and noticed in time to get the photo. The book she’s reading it titled ‘Mouse Tales’, ha! 

How was your October 2015?

If you haven’t made your own Month in Photos yet, you need to give it a try! Gather your best of the month for a photo collage and then print each month off. By years end you’ll have a year in photos album – without much effort required at all. Voila!


  1. Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had a fun October. I’ve added this month in photos to my list of goals for next year.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Why don’t you look online for curtains, even places like Sears have way more selection online than in store?
    You can wear fuzzy slippers and have a latte. It’ll still probably take all day, but you can end up with lovely stuff.

  3. Love these photos. Having 1 son, I photograph as many memories and adventures that I can. It fills the soul with the beauty of spontaneity and just utter love for another human being. Your pictures are outstanding.

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