Month In Photos: June 2015

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June 2015 marked the official start of summer vacation. My oldest daughter completed Grade 5, which means she’s now off to {*gulp*} middle school.

Actually, I still call it Junior High, which I’m told isn’t said anymore. That’s probably for the best, since the ‘Degrassi Junior High’ theme song runs through my head every time I say it. And we all know what those kids were up to!! {for the record I’m talking about the awesome/original Degrassi, not the ‘new one’ the younger kids may watch}.

In any case, Isabelle left elementary behind, and for that I am incredibly sad. It’s sorrow for the time that passes too quickly, and for the fact that all three of my girls will never be in the same school again. 🙁

While I make every summer count {we only have 18 of them with our kids, if we are lucky}, this one in particular is going to be cherished immensely. You know, before the dreaded Junior High Middle School starts.

So, June was full speed ahead on the memories. Camping, bike rides, fun in the hot sun, laughter, cold treats, forgotten bedtimes … and a little Charlie bed-head for good measure. 

Happy summertime everyone!!! 
How was your June 2015?

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  1. June was very hectic and exhausting here- I caught the plague at the beginning of our road trip and ended up with a lung infection, then there was some bad medical news for a loved one 🙁 In general, there was a lot of traveling and family, though some was bittersweet. I’m hoping our Summer shapes up in July.

  2. Our June was crazy hectic. My husband and I both worked like fiends all month. We did get some nice walks in, though.

  3. Aww, I can feel your pain. I felt sadden that my daughter is already in third grade. Seems like yesterday she was my blonde, blue-eyed cherumb.

  4. My oldest will also start middle school this year and I am going through similar feelings. The only highlight is our school is a mix of elementary and upper kids, so she will be staying in the same location as her younger siblings.

  5. Looks like your family had a great June! Here it was really hot! Not typical of our area so fruit has been early, but ended fast and we just set up our trampoline (yay!).

  6. Looks like you had a great start to summer! Our photos are similar and will only get better this month!

  7. Very cute Pictures! Love the bed head Charlie one 🙂 Hope you have a great summer!

  8. They are getting so big!! In Edmonton we still call it Jr High and does not start until gr 7 and your 12. My niece is 13 now in her second year of jr high and how they change! At least with your pictures you will have a ton of memories 🙂

  9. June 2015 was awesome! I was laid-off at the end of February after 8 years. I been looking for a job so far nothing. What was awesome with June is my oldest granddaughter been spending lots of time with me, and we both love it. She loves running in the sprinkler at my house, painting, chalk, bubbles.

  10. June also ended scho for us in FL! We went to the beach had late night swims in our pool and enjoyed the outdoors!

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