Month In Photos: August 2015

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August 2015 was another summer month that was spent primarily outdoors. This proves that despite the short Canadian sun-season, we sure know how to make each day count.

Highlights of this month include some camping and a great weekend getaway to Edmonton.

Many of our August 2015 days were spent in the water whether in town, at the lake, or in hotels. Actually, we went to the outdoor pool more often than we ever have, and spent so many hours splashing and playing in the heat of the summer sun. The twins learned how to swim in the deep-end AND jump off the diving boards – with no life jacket! In August my daughters also took a week-long swim class, which we do every summer since our school season is just too busy to fit in lessons.

Actually, our month-long swim obsession is evidenced by rich golden tans and suit lines – and horribly dried out chlorine-hair for all. Back to school haircuts were highly needed this year!

So, I’m a few days late in making our August 2015 Month in Photos collage, and it’s not because we’ve been so busy these last few days with school starting {we have though}. I’m just in complete denial!

As much as I love routine and back to school, I desperately want to hold onto the summer weather a little longer all year long. I also waited a couple days before putting up the September fridge calendar too.

I’m so stubborn. Sigh.

How was your August 2015?

If you haven’t made your own Month in Photos yet, you need to give it a try! Gather your best of the month for a photo collage and then print each month off. By years end you’ll have a year in photos album – without much effort required at all. Voila!



  1. August was hot so we spent many days down at the beach, sometimes with a packed lunch. We also went to Canada’s Wonderland and the boys loved it. That was also a very hot day and very tiring.

  2. August went by super fast. I’m also in denial about how late in the year it is.

    Looks like you guys had a fun jam-packed last month before school started! 🙂

  3. I’m sad. DD13 was in Ontario all summer visiting family. Just back the two weeks, and now it begins again. Hopefully it goes fast for a great summer to come soon 🙂

  4. Looks like you had a great time in August filled with fun! Actually your whole summer seemed full of trips, days out and shopping, can’t get any better than that!

  5. this hot humid weather just won’t quit here. Most days it’s just too uncomfortable to be outside,

  6. Looks like you guys had a great month. I also signed my daughters up for a two week swim lessons.

  7. Our August was quite full with early back to school shopping, & trying to fit in as much swimming, boating, & camping as possible. At the end of June I admit I was kinda dreading 2 full months with the kids with no routine, but now that we’re back to waking up early, school busses, homework (and knowing that snow is in the near future), I take it all back! I want summer to start all over again!

  8. This summer went by so fast, but I took a ton of photos and explored areas that are right outside our front door.

  9. I love seeing your month in photos, since it’s now only 7C and has been raining since Thurs evening it did me good to see the sunshine again 🙂

  10. This summer went by so fast because we had a daughter who got married and a few grandchildren had a birthday party and so on! What a lovely summer it was though and it looks like you enjoyed it just as much!Your pictures are lovely!

  11. I am glad you had some nice summer memories! How did you make your photo collage? 🙂

  12. We just pulled our camper out today from our seasonal spot at the campground 🙁 summer is officially coming to an end for us too!

  13. summer went by too fast !! i loved remembering the fun hot summer we had through yourphotos on this cool fall day

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