Month In Photos: August 2013


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August marked the final hurrah before the busy school season kicks in. It was my goal to make the most of this month, with many day trips and a couple of fun family travel weekends. It really seems like I was just posted my July Month in Photos, August went by far too fast for my liking. Can we just have a couple more weeks please?

Raising a glass to an incredible Summer of 2013, September here we come!!

If you have a Month in Photos post for August, leave the link in the comments. I’d love to take a peek at your August 2013 and your months worth of memories. Then, print each month off and soon you’ll have a year in photos, without much effort required.



    1. We did Jenny! It went by way too fast, like, super fast. But, perhaps because we tried to pack so much fun into it. Regardless, it was a great Summer for us!!

  1. Great photos as always, like you I cannot believe how quickly August came and went. Wishing you an awesome long weekend and a good back to school experience for the girls.

  2. my month of august would have been mostly me sitting in hospital with my mother in law she was in and out seemed every week. (so far so good been 2 weeks and not back in)

    1. Oh no, I am so very sorry Chandra. My thoughts are with you and the family, hope Sept is a better month for you all. 🙁

  3. Beautiful photos. Adorable girls too =)

    Summer maybe ‘over’ but christmas holiday will be sneaking up on ya soon.. lol. goody right? 😉

  4. I just love your idea of a month in photos – it captures all of the moments perfectly! I can’t believe summer is already over – it flew by waaaaaay too fast!

    1. It did!! Way too fast, yet now to look forward to the rest of the year. The girls can’t wait until Halloween now!

  5. You take great photos! Glass floors always freaked me out lol. We went to the CN Tower when I was a kid and I REFUSED to step on that glass floor lol

  6. Great looking collage, and thanks for sharing your photos! I think it’s lovely that you give your girls such wonderful opportunities to travel and do stimulating activities during the summer.

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