Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

This Fortnite video game craze is all around and there’s no signs of the popularity stopping anytime soon! In fact, over 125 million people play the game around the world. Not only is my oldest hooked, but my littles know all about it, despite never having played. Yet.

It goes without saying, Fortnite is hot and popular with such a vast age group, that you’ll want to include a little something themed under the tree this year.

Disclosure: Product was supplied to facilitate this post as part of my affiliation with the brand, yet as always, all opinions are my own.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

Did you know there’s a Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game? Yep, this most iconic board game of all time has came out with many modern twists in past years, and this edition is no exception. It’s going to attract a whole new crowd of fans indeed.

And there’s your ticket to winning, parents! I love this edition because kids will want to play, and it gets them off devices. More evenings spent playing board games and re-connecting without tech is highly needed. So, this great gift idea puts a little family time under the tree.

How to Play Monopoly: Fortnite Edition:

For ages 13+ and for 2-7 players, in this edition players claim locations, battle opponents, and avoid the Storm to survive. The gameplay, design, and components of the board game include elements inspired by the video game including Fortnite locations and loot chest cards. Instead of Monopoly money, players earn Health Points (HP).

To Play Monopoly: Fortnite Edition, First choose a character: pick from 27 awesome outfits. Then, it’s time to battle.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game

The action die lets players pick up health packs, build walls, and damage their opponents. Every time a player passes go they unleash the Storm; avoid it or lose HP. Like in the Fortnite video game, the last player standing wins!

It’s not about what players own in this edition; it’s about how long they can survive.

I have found this edition to be very different than the traditional editions of Monopoly, and it’s great! As in, sometimes I don’t think we have time to play a round, because games can literally last forever. In this one, we can start and finish – and a survivor is declared!

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition retails for a regular price of $24.99. If you see this edition in stores, snag it up because there has been a couple times already that this game has been on backorder on Amazon. So it might be one that’s harder to find as we get closer to Christmas.




  1. My 13 year old and 8 year old sons would love this. Fortnite is all the rage in my house. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. My daughter for sure! She’s 7 and obsessed with Fortnite! She has vbucks on her Christmas list haha.

  3. Well my kids especially because they love fortnite but Def a fun game for family game night!

  4. I’ll be honest — I’d love to win this since I would end up playing it with my family and friends; another board game to add to the family/friends collection.

  5. All my nephew talks about is fortnite. I would love to give him this game for Christmas

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