Monday Mingle ~ Nov 16

Happy Monday Mingle!
Thanks again to Speedy Jen over at
for starting this weekly meme.
You can click the Monday Mingle button above to go to Jen’s site, and see everyone else’s Mingle.

Password: MM

So, I wanted to post this last night, when I made the video but had uploading issues, yet again! Then, the Twins started to get cranky and were up until 4am. So, from my complaint in the video about being up with them until 2:30 the previous night, and then 4am last night…well, now you can see why I am late with posting this. And, I have no idea why the Twins have been like this, growth spurt? teething? In any case, cross your fingers for me that they have a better night tonight, and I get some sleep!

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