Monday Mingle | gardening, favorites, nationality and the Winter Olympics!

Hello My Organized Chaos readers!

Grab a cuppa and watch some Monday Mingles,
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You can click the ‘Monday Mingle’ button to go to Speedy Jen’s blog at, she is the fabulous and friendly founder of this fun meme. On her blog is where you’ll find all the links to everyone else’s Mingles, and you can even submit questions for future weeks as well. So, sit back, relax and enjoy meeting some of your favorite bloggers face to face!

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  1. Hello Tammi.I finally get to come see you mingle again. I guess I will have to try sweatpeas. I don't have much experience with the different flowers so finding the good ones will be fun. I'm so interested in this answer about the milk chocolate! I thought I was the only one who liked the milk chocolate and not so much the dark. I have coffee but rarely drink it. I do tea so much easier. I guess I just don't have a good system to make coffee quickly. I hope to see the hockey game too and I guess you know who I'm rooting for. :)Nice seeing you again! Enjoy the game and have a great week!

  2. Tammi – it's good to see your face again! Congrats on the Canadian gold – if you haven't watched Greg's mingle yet you are going to laugh so hard!I love gardening too. We can actually garden year round here in the other CA, except it's usually freezing in December/January. I love Sweet Peas too. I am feeling inspired and I'll take pictures – you too okay?Thanks for mingling!!

  3. Hello again! I see that you first thought it asked about chocolate milk too, only you caught it. I completely answered that question wrong, lol.Congrats on the hockey Gold! A friend of mine lives in Vancouver and he said it was total chaos.Enjoy your upcoming 3-4 months of planting weather. I know that short span would drive my wife crazy!

  4. i love flowers too. How long are your summers in Canada?My mingle should be up tomorrow.You like pepsi?ok, I guess i still like you. i like coke.Choc milk-lol. Just like telling dad. HA! I'm a dark chocolate lover.I love the smell of coffee brewing. YUM.Canadian! YEAH. Love your accent.All right! I'm bad, I didn't watch the Olympics that much this year.nuts.I love skating.Thanks for mingling! its been alittle while.

  5. It's so good to see you!!I've been a slacker and haven't made it to all the mingles for a while.I won't hold the fact that you like Pepsi against.. LOLThe hockey game was awesome.. It didn't really matter to me who won but I love a good game and that fit the bill.See you next week!

  6. This is the first vlog I've ever watched from beginning to end without pausing in the middle or something like that. You have a pleasant speaking voice and demeanor, and I love your accent! (It makes me long for the years I spent in Minnesota. [smile])

  7. Accent, that is so funny guys – I don't have an accent!! LOLI'll be getting to everyone else's Mingles today…it's on the almighty to-do list that never gets smaller!=)

  8. Glad the kids let you mingle!! Hubby was watching that hockey game…but I don't know who won.Happy Monday Mingle!! Have a great week!

  9. So much fun, this idea. I love it and I'm really excited to have posted my first.Great video.Every one I've watched so far has had kids in it.

  10. * that should say that every video HAD kids in it. Until I watched this one. 🙂 My own kid distracted me.

  11. I hadn't thought of sweet peas, you've inspired me to plant some! I wish we had a longer growing season here in Canada; although I think in BC (where I am) we probably luck out due to the mild weather.Yeah for hockey!! And what a great game we had last night. Go Canada Go!

  12. Tammi, first let me start by saying I love the name of your blog:) I agree with you about the coffee however I drink it all day long especially when i work a 12 hour day. Congrats on the gold in hockey however I was rooting for the USA of course:) Hope you have a great week!

  13. I do think you have a slight accent. Love it! :)Mmmmm, Pepsi!!!have a good week! 🙂

  14. It's obviously late at night b/c I was re-reading your post over and over looking for the password and I was about to give up when I saw it. LOLI live in Canada too, but I'm in Vancouver, so it's not frozen here all that long. (Especially when we host the Winter Olympics.)I'm just starting to drink coffee and I'm 36… LOL. I put it off this long… but falling for it now.You do have an Eastern European look to you!Ironically I didn't watch much this time… even though I'm in Vancouver.That was a big game wasn't it? WOW… I'm so relieved that we won!!!Talk soonSusan

  15. I have gave you an award for your blog please go to my blog below to pick up your award

  16. Great Monday Mingle Tammi. Looking forward to another one. Off to check out some of the others!

  17. You and Shannon have the same flower love! I don't think I've seen sweet peas before (and If I have, I don't remember)…I love how different people are in their tastes-It's so fun to hear what everyone has to say when it comes to their preferences :)Have a wonderful week!!

  18. I've done a few mingles in the past, but haven't done one in a little while because of "technical" difficulties. But I still check them out. Nice to meet you, and I've enjoyed watching the Olympics!!! I'm sad, that they are over now, but it was great while it lasted. I don't drink coffee or tea, and think they both stink (as in smell bad), and I'm not a pepsi or coke drinker either. ROOT BEER or SPRITE are my two favorites. I also love to garden, and you are right it is coming up fast, and I too want to get some seeds started indoors probably in a couple more weeks. Thanks for the Mingle!!

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