Monday Mingle | All About Age and Getting Older,

Hello My Organized Chaos readers!
I’m making more of an effort to participate in Monday Mingle, since I love the Meme that Jen started, and it’s a great way to meet and see fellow bloggers. As well, with the 3 questions each week you get to know more about the people behind the blog name.
If you click the ‘Monday Mingle’ button you see above, you’ll be taken to Speedy Jen’s blog at There, you’ll find the links to all the other fabulous bloggers’ Mingles, information on how to Mingle yourself {you only need a blog and a camera!}, and you can even submit questions for future weeks as well.

This week, we’re taking about Age, getting older and everything that goes with it. You’ll have to excuse my lack of excitement this week, I have had a headache that won’t cease! Yet, moving around 100 lbs cement blocks for the past 2 days {by myself} would put a little strain on the muscles!
Yet, pain or not – I vow to Mingle more often!!
Grab a cuppa and enjoy getting to know bloggers, face to face!

And, sending out a personal THANK YOU to YouTube for choosing that glorious screenshot for my video. I swear they intentionally do that…..



  1. Pain sucks!
    i hope you feel better soon!
    Get some rest while those twins are down…
    Thanks for mingling, it was great seeing you again!!
    Hope you have a great PAIN FREE week!

  2. YouTube always chooses the best screenshots don’t they? I think as we get older we learn what really matters in life which helps with lowering stress.

  3. What great wisdom – that’s the truth really – your so busy in your 20’s trying to have it all!! Hope that you garden is beautiful after all that work! Have a great week!

  4. I love how you can look back and apprecaite the things you went through maybe not the easiest but it put you where you are today. It’s good to know that!

    I joined in this is my first mingle, hope to see you

    The Buzz, Brandy

  5. Dont you love how YouTube seems to select the least attractive face to put as the screenshot. lol I have wanted to vlog about that for a while. haha Oh…I miss my energy too! Where did it go? It’s wonderful to be at peace..I’m still working my way to that point! Thanks for mingling 🙂

  6. Hi there!

    You know, you can select a different screenshot when you are logged in to YouTube. 🙂

    So sorry you had such bead headache. I get those. Sometimes tension headache due to my overly anxious neck muscles and sometimes migraines. NEVER any fun.

    Despite your headache, I think you pulled off a nice Mingle!

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    ~ Alyna

  7. Great video! And I totally agree with you – I am 31 as well, and have in the last several years just began to really relax and live/love life as it comes. You are right, the 20’s feel so much more pressured, as we’re trying hard to attain all those goals (educational, professional, personal, etc). It’s so nice to finally be at a place in life where you can exhale and just enjoy them!

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