Moms of Multiples Are Freaks Of Nature!

Until I had multiples myself, I didn’t realize at all the inquiries, interrogations and odd conversations that M.O.M’s had to go though. Now that I have my own sweet twin-bundles, I am fully aware of the outrageous and sometimes downright stupid things that Mom’s of multiples are asked.

Since having my twins over 2 years ago, I can certainly say that going out in public makes you feel like a circus monkey. All that pointing, staring and immediate need to want to know our life story.

This is one hilarious video how some people make Mom’s of Multiples out to be freaks of nature.


I cannot even count how many times I was asked intrusive questions from strangers like, “were they naturally conceived” and “Are you breastfeeding them both?”.

And then there’s the incredibly annoying remarks like “double trouble!” and “you have your hands full!”

But, the strangest things I have been asked since having Twins?

“Are you sure they are twins, ’cause they don’t look too much alike?”
{..come to think of it, I don’t know when they appeared in my life..}

“…But, one has blue eyes and the other brown…?
{No, I just make one wear colored contacts so I can tell them apart.}

They can’t be Twins, one is a bit taller than the other
{I just feed one and not the other, that’s why one is growing faster}

Above everything though, I love being in the very special group of motherhood called M.O.M’s – I have just learned to smile, nod and say, “What can I say? I’m an overachiever!”


  1. Haha!! Those questions remind me of HERE’S YOUR SIGN!!! I love your thoughts on them. I’m sure you wanted really answer that way! I was a nanny for tripelets and their Mom would get outraged sometimes at some of the things people would say to her. Like Their not “true” triplets then (because she was on fertility pills) She actually told one lady “Come to my house at 3 am and tell me they are real!!! They lady was so embarassed (by her stupidity) she apologized and quickly bolted.

    1. Ha! Yes, I have gotten that one before,
      “Are they real twins?”
      …um, versus the fake ones?

  2. Since my twins are identical we get many stupid but quite a bit different then yours, my favorites are…

    ….how do you tell them apart?
    to which we say ” we only had one circumsized”

    ….are they twins?
    really, seriously?? I don’t think I’ll ever understand that one.

    The worst for me would be when I was in the mall/grocery store pushing my triple stroller with 2 newborn babies and a almost 2yr old and people would stop me and want to interogate me for 20 mins. Please just let me get my stuff done before something or someone blows.

    1. Oh Leanne – that is the worst!! There is no ‘quick trip’ to the store – you are stopped so many time, you’re in there forever!!!
      I have to admit, there are some nice people though, but answering the same questions days after day, no matter the person – gets soooooo old!!

  3. I have a 4.5 year old boy and almost 2 year old twin girls. One day after going shopping, he came up to me and asked – “Are they twins?” and “how old are they?”. We get those questions a lot now!

    I loved that video!

  4. Oh girlie, I have been there and over and over. Having identical twin girls seems to have opened up the door for some of “the” dumbest questions ever asked. Of course, I love that when I am asked if they are mine since they are light skinned with hazel eyes and I am olive skinned with dark brown hair and eyes. Duh! Yes, they look like their daddy!
    My favorite question has to be “Which was is the bad one?” or also asked as “Is there an evil twin” or “Is she the nice one?”
    Oh!! I also love when strangers tell me… “Oh, I can tell she is the ________(fill in blank with nice, good, quiet, shy, happy, outgoing, etc) one”
    To which I always think…wow you can tell all that in 30 seconds??

    Wouldn’t trade my girls for anything but so glad that someone understands my misery. We should write a book, lol

  5. I have fraternal twin brother and sister. The most common question they get is “are you indentical?” My sister who is very blunt just smiles nicely and says “Nope, I have boobs and he has a penis” that usually shuts them up right there. Although there are a few that will argue that boy/Girl twins can be identical.

    1. There is a ton of people that ask if B/G Twins are identical or not – why would anyone think that?

      1. Watch the video “In the Womb~Multiples”, I think it’s either from Discovery channel or National Geographic. There is a whole segment about the rare instances where a “split” occurs and resluts in a mixed gender twin pregnancy! I am a mommy to twin boys who are turning 3 in January. I LOVE being a mom to multiples 🙂

  6. Oh man, have I heard it all. We attract way too much attention when we go out.
    One of my favorites was this:
    Stranger: Are those twins?
    My husband: No, we left the triplet at home.

    Bad I know LOL, but it gets annoying.

    1. Gianna,
      “no, triplets, but I’m holding the other in until these 2 are potty trained”

      Too funny!

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  8. I feel like I joined some sort of club when I had my fourth and he was a red head. I get questions like, “where does he get all that red hair,”. & when he throws a fit, like any two year old, it is always blamed on the hair. Having 4 kids I always hear, “wow, you sure have your hands full.”., or “are all these yours? ” I don’t take offense to anything that comes from people. One, they are observant enough to notice me in this busy world, AND take a moment of their time to talk to me. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they are kind.
    I guess I am confused why these things get annoying. Lots of fraternal twins are hard to tell, my SIL has two kids 15 mos. apart and the older is small, the younger is big, they look just like twins, even to me. I would be willing to bet she gets asked that all the time. I thought the video funny, but it just kinda made me sad to think that a strangers attempt at kindness would so often be a source of annoyance to so many. (ps I do realize that there are rude people out there.)

  9. I’m not a M.O.M. but had a few great giggles while watching your clip and reading the comments. I’m so glad to have never been one to ask any of the annoying (and repetitive) questions listed above. I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, but for some odd reason I’m asked if my two little ones are twins when their in our double stroller…(seriously, my son is TWICE the size of my daughter) and I’m guilty of having been tempted to reply, “Yes, but I held the little one in for 15 extra months.” Congrats to all you M.O.M.s and all the best =)

  10. You should just type up answers to the most asked questions. When you’re out and about just hold the signs up. Then you don’t have to answer the silly questions.

  11. The video is hilarious, I will be your follower #1. I am expecting twins and I am looking forward to it… cant believe people really ask those questions!!

  12. I didn’t understand what my pediatrician meant by not letting to many strangers touch my twins when they were babies because they were more likely to get sick. Why would people want to touch my kids more, they never wanted to really touch my older daughter when she was a baby. Holy cow, our first trip out, we were swarmed by people asking all of these questions about them being twins and that’s when I understood what she meant.

    I actually had a woman come find me in the store after she saw me walk in with my twins to ask me how I got the “second” one out? She wanted to know if I actually had to push the second out or if it just “popped” out after the first! I had to hold back the laughter and explain I had c-section but, had I not, I still would have had to push with the contractions, it just doesn’t “pop” out!

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