Mom’s Livin’ on the Edge Again!

That’s right folks, I’m Livin’ on the Edge again! Watch out!

Honestly, so I can’t even recall the last time this happened. When my van says it’s empty, it means it. There isn’t much of a warning, believe me.

Stranded with 3 kids in the car? NOT my idea of a good time, freaks the bajesus out of me!





  1. I have to admit I let mine go really low all the time. Til I’m sweating in hopes I make it to the gas station. I mean why stop unless you REALLY need gas lol.


    1. Mine is so strange, when that light come son – you GO GO to the nearest station. Hardly any warning at all! lol

  2. NOT a good feeling, driving on empty. According to Kramer on Seinfeld – it’s liberating! (LOL – if you haven’t seen that episode – you should try). Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  3. My Durango was the same way. When the low fuel light came on, prepare to be stranded unless there is a gas station in sight!

  4. Oh man! I can so relate! I have three kids six and under and the thought of being stranded with them is a VERY terrifying thought!!!! You certainly were “living on the edge”!!!!


    1. They are re-building the one closest to me, so everything seems out of the way to me now. If only I remembered WHEN I was close to one!! lol

  5. I ignore the light in my car all the time. I’m not sure what it will take for me to learn to fill up when the car’s at a quarter tank.

      1. you should get in the habit of filling it up once it gets to 1/2 during the winter. in my opinion anyway.

  6. Oh no! I hope you got to where you were going! I used to drive with the bar on empty all the time. I would put a couple dollars in every day to keep it running, but I never ran out!

  7. Oh no! I hate seeing that little gas thing light up and start dinging at me. Luckily we have an Esso station about ever 3 km or so.
    I’ve only actually run out of gas once. And thankfully I was just a teenager, and it was only a couple blocks from my boyfriend’s house. I walked back (cell phones didn’t exist then – literally) and his dad went and got gas for me. So embarrassing!

  8. Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More! I hope you didn’t have to wait long for help. I am scared of something like that happening to me, so I try to have my mobile phone with me even for short trips. 🙂

  9. That has been me a few times. I have run out of gas and been stuck at Walmart 🙂

  10. hahaha that sure is living on the edge!! I always feel like I’m living on the edge when it’s on empty too 😉 Must be a mom thing!

  11. My husband never lets the car get below 1/2 mark. He’s PARANOID about running out of gas.

  12. i’m a freak for stuff like that! i have 30kms left right now and im already concerned lol

  13. haha that totally freaks me out too, and my boyfriend ALWAYS mocks me saying, “Look at you, living on the edge.”

  14. That’s really no fun with kids in the car. I hate when my teenage son comes home with the car on empty.

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  16. While on our way to camping up North this summer, my hubby and I pulled into a gas station driving on fumes with ZERO km left! I was never so happy to see a gas station!

  17. I try to keep the van filled up, but my husband’s car is usually close to empty if I ever borrow it…

  18. i drive a car and now what you mean my idiots light are out so when i am getting near empty
    i better get gas

  19. The thought of being stranded with kids in the car…that is when things really start racing in your mind…I keep tools and engine oil and even a 12 V tire gauge and air pump in the car….yikes!

  20. I have a light that pops up and reads…gas gauge low…gives me enough time to head to station but not safe to play it too low because the guage actually doesn’t work properly.

  21. Hahaha, been there, and it freaked me out too! Living in the country I have a long ways to go to get to a gas station!!

  22. I’ve learned my lesson with this. I make sure that my tank is full whenever I go out 🙂

  23. We try to gas up when we think its needed but there has been times when the light flashes and then we get to the gas station I have ran out of gas its a frusterating experience.

  24. I do that a lot not by choice most of the time just low on cash a lot and i guess it’s life when your a parent of more then one child and trying to make ends meet

  25. I hate when that happens! i do it more often trying to get to the cheaper gas station

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