Mommy Makeover Procedures

Ever heard of Mommy Makeover Procedures? Following the ordeal of childbirth, many new mothers become frustrated with the impact that the pregnancy has made upon their bodies. After all, the physical stresses of bearing a child are by no means insignificant, and do not just go away overnight. In fact, despite the fact that much of the weight gained during pregnancy is lost naturally following the birth of the child, many of the changes that women experience physically during pregnancy can linger permanently if not dealt with. This is why many women turn to “mommy makeover” plastic surgery procedures, some of which can be read about on helpful websites such as

These surgeries are designed to help restore the body to the way it was before the pregnancy, and can do a great deal to help many new mothers regain physical comfort. Here are a few details on some of the procedures often involved:

  • One of the most common procedures often placed under the heading of a “mommy makeover” is liposuction, which is used essentially to drain excess fat from the body. While much weight is lost in childbirth and in the days and weeks following it, and while exercise and diet can help with the rest, it is not uncommon for much of the pregnancy weight to linger. A liposuction procedure can offer you a quick way to a fresh start, from a weight perspective, by draining this lingering fat.
  • Another procedure that is somewhat linked to liposuction in some cases is the tummy tuck, which is used very frequently by new mothers following childbirth. Unfortunately, the quick and/or substantial weight loss that can occur following pregnancy often leaves some stretched, excess skin remaining in a way that appears somewhat flabby. A tummy tuck can cut away this sort of skin and re-tighten your tummy to give you the in-shape look that you had before pregnancy.
  • Additionally, many new mothers consider breast augmentation procedures, in order to restore their breasts to the size and shape that they had before childbirth. Breasts can change dramatically due to childbirth, but there is no harm in having them reconstructed or enlarged in order to regain your pre-pregnancy body.

These are just a few of many procedures that are commonly considered by new mothers as ways of helping to restore the body. If you are a new mother and consider any of these procedures, you will also want to make sure that you do thorough research into recovery methods, so as to ensure that you aren’t incapacitated in any way that is unnecessary. Consult with your doctor, and you should be able to find a safe and effective procedure from which you can recover fully and quickly.

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  1. I’m not going to lie–seeing a post like this disappoints me. While it’d be one thing if it seemed like it was actually geared toward helping women, instead it sort of seems like this space was just auctioned off to the highest bidder. I’m a recent fan because of one of your contests, and I hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come…

    1. Hi Sara, I agreed to post this because it brings conversation to the table. True, it’s not a regular post seen on My Organized Chaos, but I wanted to see conversation about certain topics between my readers. I’m sure some out there considering a procedure mentioned, likes to feel like she’s not alone. And, it’s all about open conversation and support. It’s not a foreign topic, and not one before talked about here, but it was my choice to open up discussion.

  2. Thanks for responding, Tammi! I totally agree that this is a good topic (and often a silent one) for discussion among moms. I guess what sort of rubbed me wrong was that it obviously wasn’t coming from you but instead from the sponsoring site… but I respect your decision to try to help moms be informed.

    1. True Sara!! Yet in this case, I’m not that familiar with the topic that I’d feel that I would be at the position to write it. Kwim? It’s like writing about raising boys – I don’t know about that! lol
      I do state my opinion on my blog, yet when it comes to health matters such as these, sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals!!
      That being said, if someone were an expert on ‘blanket making’ and wanted to reach out to my readers, I would consider them being a gust writer too. Just because I’d know nothing about it, yet would feel that some of my readers would relate and take something out of the post.
      Thank you so much for commenting though, conversation and questions are always welcome!!

  3. And thanks so much to you, Tammi, for your thoughtful response and for not defaulting to defensiveness or anger. I truly didn’t mean anything bad… And your willingness to discuss in an open forum gives me much more confidence in you and the discussions that are possible here!

    1. Thanks Sara, that means a lot to me!
      {Read my reply below to Hailey}. To each their own I always say, I’ll never ever be one to say that any decision any parent makes is wrong. We all have our opinions, it’s good to talk about everything openly!

  4. Can’t lie….these *girls* will be lifted after kids are done for sure…not implants (happy with my size), just a little re-firming/lifting I guess. LOL And depending on how many more we have (probably 2), and how big they are (first two were 8lbs 13oz and 9lbs 14oz) a tummy tuck may very well be in the picture too. Not because I don’t love myself or my body…or because I’m resentful towards my pregnancies or children for the impact on it…but because I’ll want to make even better some of the things that have changed. It’s not just about how I feel or look in clothes, but how I feel and look out of them….and not for my husband (he’s so awesome and thinks I’m stunning always) – seriously for me (though obviously he wouldn’t complain at any *improvements* lol).

    Not for everyone…not everyone does it for the right reasons….but I think it’s a great service to have available and I think it’s a great topic to discuss.

    Glad you posted 🙂 And I’m with Sara – your responses to her were thoughtful and respectful and really proved the whole point of a post like this…let’s talk about it 🙂

    1. Hi Hailey,

      ‘Things have changed’, I could not agree more, said the mom of twins who left their mark on the tummy area. I was told by my doc that If I lived the neighboring province, the gov’t would cover the cost of a tuck after having multiples. You know what, I’d take them up on that if I could {and was pretty pouty for a bit that I didn’t live there. lol!}
      Not for anyone, and not that I think i would have to, to be me – just to feel comfortable again. To not grimace each time you tuck that twin tummy into the pants. LOL, Jk not that bad, but you get the idea.
      I have plenty to remind me of my kids, from them to everything around me. But, sometimes I would like to have my tummy back. There’s just some thing you shouldn’t share!! lol

  5. A women should be proud of her acomplishments in bearing children, It is more beautiful for a womon to be natural, than to sumize to the “proper” woman, that is pertraide in the media!

  6. Lots of interesting comments happening, guess that’s a good thing about a topic that may be considered, by some, to be controversial. I’m from the live and let live mindset. Plastic surgery is not something I’ve ever had and I’m not considering it at this moment…but, who knows what the future may hold, I’m definitely not opposed to it either. I guess it’s whatever makes the individual feel good about themselves. It wasn’t that many years ago that wanting to colour your hair was controversial……now we don’t give it a second thought. Granted, surgery is more of an invasive procedure but I feel these are choices an individual has the right to make.

    1. About the hair color – that is so true!!!
      I never thought I’d be one to say, ‘how times have changed’, but I guess I am that person!!
      Well said, Monica – thanks for commenting!

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