The New Mom Panel at Fisher-Price Canada!

TextDo you recall when my kids and I flew to Toronto for a photo-shoot? I am very excited to announce that Fisher-Price has a brand new Canadian website! There is a couple of inside pieces of information about the new site, which I think you’ll find interesting {I did}. Before, when you chose ‘Canada’ on the Fisher-Price website, it re-directed back to the US site. It’s nice having our own space on the net, right? Another note worthy piece is that us bloggers {on the Play Panel} and our children, are the FIRST Canadians to be featured in Fisher-Price advertising. All others were US residents!

Tammi RoyWhen you look around the Fisher-Price Canada website, you’ll see some of the photos from the shoot that day. And, watch for our families to pop up elsewhere too, there will also be displays and other fabulous events in the works. I am very excited to be a part of this, as a Canadian and as a Mom. And I thank Fisher-Price Canada for giving all of us this experience!

Enough of my chatter, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the new Fisher-Price Canada website and you’ll find the kids and I hanging out with the other 7 Moms in the Play Panel! We’ll be posting toy reviews there, yet overall it’s a great resource for Canadian parents.

While there, make sure to sign up for the Fisher-Price Canada Newsletter. They are holding a contest to celebrate, and this is your way to enter to win {toys and a spa gift card!}

Don’t forget to follow the official Play Panel Mom’s on Twitter, using the hashtag #PlayPanel. We’ve been talking about the world of Play, Laugh, Grow – join us in our adventure!

Fisher-Price and Text

Disclaimer: As a Fisher-Price Canada Mom, I am working with Mom Central Canada, Fisher-Price Canada and Spider Marketing Solutions. Though I write for the Play Panel at Fisher-Price Canada, I am under no obligation to post anything on My Organized Chaos nor have a biased view. I just like to share great news with all of you on this site! And, as always, everything I say is 100% of my own opinion.


  1. Thanks for the links Tammi, great site to share with moms everywhere.

    p.s. I – LOVE – YOUR – NEW – LAYOUT!

    1. Thanks for taking a peek and for the compliments! I am very happy to be included in this new chapter at Fisher-Price Canada, I’m happy to share my experience with you all!

  2. This probably isnt the right forum for this so I apologize in advance. The site loads very very slow lately. Even clicking on a article it takes forever to get to it. I dont have these problems with other websites and I wanted to know if i can disable some features to make a faster load time? Does anyone else have this problem?

    I enjoy reading moc but waiting 5 minutes to get to a article is frustrating.
    Sorry again but i wasnt sure how to contact you regarding technical issues

  3. Hi jm,
    Thanks for bringing that up, and I 100% agree!
    It’s a problem I have been working on for a few days now actually – with my site designer, a tech and my host. We are trying everything to speed it up, believe me, it has bothered me to no end too. Actually, ‘bothered me’ is an understatement, lol.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me that I quickly find what is plugging it on loading!! Like I said, we have been trying to optimize it for days now.
    Thanks for your honesty too, I appreciate it!!

  4. I had a Fisher Price little people farm circa 1980. It was my favorite toy as a kid.
    Dont we all like inside-info thanks for the heads up.

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