Mom Bloggers Make a Difference!

Mom Blogs are a source for friendship, debate, learning and conversation. And the topics can be anything from parenting, gardening, products, design, travel, technology, protecting the environment, politics and more. Through this conversation and the sharing of knowledge and experience, lives are improved. Need some proof?

When I became a Mom for the second time {to twins, at that} I felt really isolated. No longer able to socialize and communicate with peers like before, I took refuge in the millions of other Moms that felt the same way that I did. Having only a small number of Moms of Multiples in my area, I soaked in such a helpful an intense amount of online information from other Moms of twins. I no longer feel like parental life backs me into the corner {of a room in my house}. I have the capability of getting and giving help, support, advice, basic conversation or just a good laugh – all with just the opening of a browser.

Mom Bloggers are the fastest route to spread news, through their blogs and with social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, message boards and more. From the latest product recall to a substantial charitable act – it all makes a difference in the lives of one or many. Mom bloggers can share a healthy recipe, encourage self-acceptance and worth, provide tips to relieve parental stress, gather advice on personal matters,  share medical information through experience and also comment on the safety of products. These are all but a few small examples of how bloggers make that difference.

As a Mom Blogger, I know firsthand how other bloggers and readers of blogs, can impact health. I recently started my own journey to improve my health, through attaining a healthy body weight. I am almost overwhelmed at the support and encouragement I have received from fellow bloggers, my readers and even those searching online for people going through the same struggles. I am writing about my experiences on my blog, gathering the ideas and suggestions from others – and am very pleased that I have encouraged others to stay active and make conscious decisions as well. I am making that impact myself! Blogs have the information and capacity to reach the masses as they provide the platform to raise awareness and engage conversation.

I strongly feel that Mom bloggers do make a positive impact on the health of Canadians – since so many are impacting my own health and I am doing the same for others. And since Mom bloggers are, well, Moms we also make an impact on the health of future Canadians as well.


  1. Sometimes the trials of work, kids and dating can be isolating and you feel like the only one going through what you are going through. Since joining Twitter through which I found so many other moms and dads and their blogs, I don’t feel quite so alone. The laughter and support that I find through these mediums are the best medicine

  2. Thank you for entering the Ddrops Bliss contest. As a Mom of two, I can certainly appreciate the benefits of an online community of other Moms to share with. Good luck with the contest, and with your new health objective.

    Nat on behalf of the Ddrops team

  3. Well written. We are lucky to live in a age where technology has made the world smaller. good luck with your entry.

  4. excellent post, Tammi. I agree whole-heartedly. Mom bloggers do make a difference, in individual lives, and in the collective health of those they interact with. SO glad to have you as a bloggy friend! 😉

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  6. Nicely written – finally got to voting for you today — Good luck, I am crossing my fingers for you!

  7. Jung said “Hitler seemed like the ‘double’ of a real person, as if Hitler the man might be hiding inside like an appendix, and deliberately so concealed in order not to disturb the mechanism … You know you could never talk to this man; because there is nobody there … It is not an individual; it is an entire nation.”

    If we draft the appropriate legislation, can we justify Hitler’s cruelty?

    Is Canada like Nazi Germany?

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