Mom and her Belle {Wordless Wednesday with Linky}

An impromptu photo session in the middle of the mall. My Belle and I, on our Long Overdue Girls Day. Oh, how I love this girl!

 A close up of Tammi Roy in glasses

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  1. You can certainly tell she is your daughter in this pic! Waht a great photo of you both! So glad you enjoyed your day!!

  2. What a great photo. You are both very beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And thank you for hosting this WW linky. I appreciate it. It is my first week linking up.

  3. Wordless wednesday’s, I like it! And what a cute picture to celebrate it with!

    1. Thanks Dave – just a quick shot at the mall. Sometimes it’s those spur of the moment photos that mean more than the over-prepped staged ones!

    1. Do we have heart shaped faces? I always wondered but I couldn’t decide on a definite shape… lol
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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    1. Ha!! I know, I still get people coming to my door selling stuff {etc}, and ask if my parents are home. Huh? I’m 33!!! lol

  5. Wow…ya’ll are twins! Glad you had a girls day…I can’t wait (well actually I can, I don’t want to wish it away) to have a girls day with my baby! Thanks for linking up with The BOAT!

    1. Ha! That IS the common consensus here, so funny!
      And, thank you so much. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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  7. This picture is breathtaking – worth enlarging and framing. As a Mom to just one child-process of 13 years, I can understand the kind of love that you are speaking of. My son Evan, takes my breath away, his innocence, caring, gentle nature. We have our Mommy and Little Dude adventures. We also have stopped at a photo booth for some candid shots. Enjoy every moment – love every second.

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