Art and FlowerTo all Mothers, fellow M.O.M’s {Mothers Of Multiples}, Mothers to be, Grandmothers or those with little Fur-Babies – I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

FlowerI am not the type to get caught up in the Mother’s Day hype, since I believe that Mom’s should be appreciated on each and every day. Yet, I do hope your day is full of love and peace {even if it means hiding in a closet for a quick two minutes of such peace}. Feel blessed and cherish this day.
Gather all the Hugs and Kisses you can today and everyday!

Myself, I got the most Precious Painted Picture from my daughter, a lovely drawing of her and myself. Complete with a heart balloon, flowers and huge smiles.
And, true to my Princess Isabelle’s style, she is the one wearing the crown. Ha!

Shape, arrow


  1. Absolutely LOVE your painting!!!! What a beautiful treasure!
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Tammi!!!

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