MobiGo Touch Learning System by VTech,
The biggest reason why my daughter loves our Smart Phones so much is for the Touch Screen and QWERTY Keyboard. Sure, my daughter adores her Electronic Learning Products, but she always prefers the adults’ ones. When she received the Mobi Touch Learning System by VTech, she was elated. And I mean, jump up and down with a million shrieks of glee. The MobiGo encompasses those 2 much-loved and sought-after features!,The MobiGo Touch Learning System is targeted to children aged 3-8, and with many games at so many levels – it is a handheld system kids will use for years. The MobiGo System comes with one game cartridge, the Touch & Learn Game Pack.

In this one game there are 6 different activities exploring math, problem solving, music and much more! Best of all, the touch screen technology is used on some of the games and the QWERTY keyboard is used for the letter-related games.

So, there’s many opportunities to learn both features. My daughter, having played with my iPhone many times, took to the touch screen immediately, navigating her way very easily. She entered her name and set it up by herself {she’s 6}.

When she finally let the Twins {2 years old} take their turn, she led them through a few of the touch games. Though they can’t independently play the MobiGo yet, they just love watching her play, and get the occasional participation too. How quickly they learn!

{in the below video, take note of the Twins’ “mine…mine” chatter. They are plotting a full takeover, I’m sure. My oldest daughter beware – they have their sights set on her MobiGo!}

To use the QWERTY keyboard, the screen flips up. So, for the touch games, the keyboard doesn’t have to be in the way. Yet, my daughter always has it flipped, I think it’s just ‘cooler’ that way. I say this since my daughter is so proud of her MobiGo, showing absolutely everyone that she possibly can.

Just like she used to with my iPhone, yet this is all hers. And, Mommie gets her iPhone back {win, win I say}. For her recent birthday, my daughter got another MobiGo game, the Fairies game. This is perfect for her as she loves anything Fairies and her beloved MobiGo.

Great for home or in the car, MobiGo seems to come with us anywhere. Just like my iPhone used to keep her occupied and the ‘I’m bored’s at bay – the MobiGo is a wonderful educational product that I am so happy she has.

The MobiGo Touch Learning System retails at approximately $59.97 on sale {check out ToysRUs!} and the extra cartridges are $27.99 each. It comes in two great colors and either an English or a French version.

Other Software Cartridges for this system include:

  • Shrek Forever After™
  • Toy Story 3
  • Mr. Men Little Miss™ Adventures in Dillydale
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Sports Heroes
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pluto’s Ball
  • Dora the Explorer™ Twins’ Day
  • Disney Fairies Explore Your Talents


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.




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