miYim organic

miYim organic is a brand that you have probably seen before in select baby boutiques, Babies R Us stores, Chapters bookstores, and even some Hallmarks. Their adorable collection of organic cotton toys stand out for their looks. As the site says, and I could not agree more – organic started as food and now has the ability to enrich and encompass our entire lives. Going green is a lifestyle.
And, what better way to make a fresh new start, than to introduce organic cotton into little lives. It not only teaches environmental responsibility, but miYim also encourages imagination and play. The products are made from certified organic cotton and are non-toxic and chemical free. They are even colored with a water bath of dyes from plants and minerals. You can be sure that miYim are completely baby safe.

There are many great products available, starting at ones geared toward infancy. miYim sent my daughters an Organic Stroller Toy, the Giraffe. It can be put onto strollers, the crib, the car seat or attached to other toys. It’s a vibrant yellow, which seems to get the attention of the babies. The string hair on the neck and tail provide lots of textile stimulation, while the squeak in it makes them laugh. I like that the squeak inside this toy is quite large and easy to find, I think the babies would have discovered this earlier than most of their other squeaking toys.

The Lovie Plush Collection has a new item, an adorable frog holding a heart with XOXO in it. I like that this frog isn’t an ordinary stuffie, as it has some weight to it. The girls like to hug and play with ‘little froggie’ (as it’s now been named by Mom), I can see this as a cherished friend that will grow with them.

Really, if you are to get just one miYim product, my fave is their Sleepy Time Plush Collection. My girls got Charlotte, the sleeping yellow bear. Yet, there are 3 other colors available too. This is the softest and most comfortable bedtime friend yet. It is the perfect size for those wee arms to wrap around and hug. Oh, it’s really the cutest thing.
Each miYim product come in recycled packaging and is free of tons of plastic ties that get in the way of kid and toy. Instead, some have string, which makes removing it pain free and effortless. miYim would make one wonderful baby gift, every child should have a healthy and fun start in life


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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