Miss Smiley Pants


Sophia got the nickname ‘Miss Smiley Pants’ when she was an infant.

No matter where you were or what her mood was, she would produce the biggest smile in the world as soon as she laid eyes on anyone.

Huge, emotion exploding smiles. Love this girl!




    1. She really does! I hope she never loses that special ability to make everyone around her happy. She has such a positive and pure personality. Love this girl!

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous as always! Having 3 beautiful Daughters in the house means your Husband is going to need to start practicing at a local gun range to prepare for the droves of boys to the door…heheh…..

    1. Ha, he’s said that a few times before. And the ‘you can’t date until you are 30 talk’, yep!!

  2. She’s looking so grown up in this photo! I love how all your kids look like siblings, but they all have their own personalities. I can even tell in the pictures.

    Are your twins going to Kindergarten next year? Isaak will be started. Time sure does fly!

    1. Thats awesome that you can tell, I have been debating on a ‘whats she like’ post for each. talk so much about my kids in each post, but feel the need to write down their exact personalities right now, to look back n later. I’d cry so much writing the post though!! lol
      Yep, they are in pre-k right now and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. They can’t stop talking about it already, so excited!!

    1. Thanks Kris, the color is pretty too, but there’s A LOT of color going on with her dress, the other clohhes, toys, bedding etc. Very nice, but distracting. Thanks for noticing!!

  3. She is so beautiful – that smile!! My little guy is smiley like that too, I hope he stays that way!

    1. I hope so too, she has such a positive outlook, and has the capacity to cheer anyone up. That’s some great qualities to hang onto!

    1. Thank you – I have 3 of them, and they now all want turns being the ‘featured photo’, lol. I have some photog work to do!! πŸ™‚

  4. What a beautiful girl is such a beautiful dress. I would love to see it in color! Thanks for the linky

    1. So much color in the this one, it’s almost a little distracting which is why I opted for B&W. Yet,the color is just as stunning too, very vibrant. I’ll have to post it one day!

  5. Oh, bless her little heart. What a sweet smile she has! There is nothing that warms the heart like a smiling child. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Gramma! Now the others are questioning why they aren’t in the featured photo this week! Le sigh.
      Guess I have some photos to take this week! lol

  6. What a great nickname to have! She seems like a very happy kid! This shot is so sweet! It looks great in black & white!

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