Michael Bublé By Invitation

The new woman’s fragrance Michael Bublé By Invitation came out this summer, and is one dreamy scent to put under the tree this year.

The self-declared ‘hopeless romantic’ brings together a team of fragrance experts to create a prestige fragrance for women.

“It’s no secret that I’m a hopeless romantic. It’s in every note I sing and every song I write. The idea was to create a special ‘invitation’ to fans into my new world of fragrance. I’m inviting women to enjoy a beautiful scent that represents my personal taste and imagination. By Invitation is what I’d call ‘love in a bottle,’” commented Bublé.

Le sigh.

 Michael Bublé By Invitation

Described as ‘a glamorous floral oriental gourmand, encompassing the iconic flowers of love,’ By Invitation is an elegant fine fragrance that’s enlightened with a fresh fruity accent. Starting with tempting top notes of red fruits and bergamot with added heart notes of lily of the valley, wild jasmine and spicy inflections of peony, By Invitation wraps with a warm base of sandalwood-musk and addictive vanillas.

Like Michael Bublé’s music, By Invitation is both modern and timeless. The singer also worked with a creative team to design the iconic round bottle’s elegant shape. The bottle is suspended in a beautiful gold bracelet reminiscent of luxury jewelry. The pull-off cap design is a wink to the classic fragrance atomizers of the past. Luxury continues in the design of the box. The rich and opulent colour combination of cream and gold evokes the high quality of the fragrance.

I quite like this scent as it’s unlike any others that I have. Since I tend to go with heavily fruity ones, having this and it’s addition of sandalwood-musk makes it stand out amongst the others. 

For those looking to gift Michael Bublé By Invitation this holiday season, it retails for $60.00 for a 50ml fragrance and is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.



  1. My daughters and my granddaughters would all love this. it would be accepted gladly by any of them.

  2. I would love this myself..I don’t have any fragrances at all. This would be a nice one to start with.

  3. I’m guessing any of the many females in my family, I have 4 daughters and a daughter-in-law as well as a sister-in-law.

  4. Selfishly I would love this for myself. I am a huge fan of perfumes with the notes of vanilla or musk in them.

  5. I’d love to win this because I love to try new scents. Plus I also think these bottles looks really pretty sitting out on display. I have a collection I love, all sitting on a mirrored tray. They just make me smile.

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