The Messes Twins Make



There’s two to wash,
There’s two to dry;
There’s two who argue,
There’s two who cry.
One’s in the mud,
Having a ball;
The other holds a crayon…
Another marked wall.
Some days seem endless,
My patience grows thin.
Why did God choose me
To be a mother of twins?
The answer comes clear-
At the end of the day,
As I tuck them in bed
And to myself I say…
There’s two to kiss,
There’s two to hug;
And best of all,
Thank You, God, for two to love.


As a mom of twins, I’m often asked what it’s like having multiples. Obviously, it’s questioning that I’ve grown accustomed to since the day I tried walking out of the hospital with two babies in my arms. Like a spectator sport, I’m often surrounded by curious people that want to learn more about this kind of parenting.

The “Mother of Twins Prayer” above explains it well, from good times to the ones that leave much frustration. It’s parenting times two – You feed two, hug two, learn to carry two, console two and have plenty of room in your heart for two.

A time that swells my heart most is when they were newborns and the flash from a camera made them jump and grasp onto one another tightly. From that moment on they really could be the best of friends, the worst of enemies and partners in crime. Plus, this relationship could really go either way in a moments notice.

For instance, once the girls were playing happily with plastic containers in the kitchen when a fight broke out. It was a “Mine! No mine!” disagreement which ended in a lot of shoving and screaming. I peeked around the corner from another room and watched the events unfold. I didn’t want to interfere but instead watch, listen and learn.

Being toddlers, there were many tears before Sophia got to her feet and staggered away in that famous toddler wobble, diapered bum swinging back and forth.

She only got a few steps away when she saw that the pantry door was left open. Sophia only had to glance at Katelyn with “that look” to get her sisters attention and bring her to her feet as well.

This is why I call them the ideal partners in crime, since they have certain looks that speak volumes, even without words. Even as toddlers they had their own way of communicating, especially the “you need to check this out” look.

I watched as many chubby little fingers pushed the pantry door wide open, and the twins disappearing from my view as they went inside for a better look. Sly and with incredible speed, they knew their target before I could even reach the kitchen myself. I was just about at the door myself when a shower of cereal came flying out of the pantry, like an explosion. Of course, it had to be the newly opened family sized box.

In a fit of giggles and only seconds from being previous enemies, they were best of friends again. Masters of the kitchen and the mess they are able to tag team. Dried cereal in every crevice and when mixed with baby drool, it became quite the mess on bodies, walls and floors.

I love my incredible twins and their cunning ability to cause chaos wherever they go, which is why I often refer to them as “Twinadoes”.

In my years of parenting multiples I’ve learned a lot. This especially includes never letting my guard down, expecting the unexpected, having a sense of humour and always having wet wipes at easy reach. Really, the messes twins can make is outrageous.


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  1. All your girls are beautiful! I often wondered what it would be like to have twins. It’s totally worth it despite the mess! They’ll always be best friends and there for each other.

  2. My brother’s significant other is expecting twins in just 10 short days now and they have no local resources for multiples right now. So I’m trying to send them as many community or website links that I think might help out. I can only imagine the fun they’re in store for.

    1. Community is key! Send as many resources as you can, and you never know, she might take up blogging like I did. Those are some long nights awake with 2!

  3. Twins – and triplets – run in our family! Every time someone gets pregnant, we all hold our breath until the first ultrasound 🙂

    1. Ha, and I was totally blindsided! They do say – Don’t drink the water. Though I love having twins so I’d gulp it down if I were you! 😉

  4. Awww what a wonderful post and the picture is darling; they are too cute… and I bet being a mom of twins has it’s ups and downs… Thanks for sharing, you are doing a great job…

  5. That must have been quite the sight, I can’t imagine how many messes you’ve cleaned up!

  6. Aww…that’s so sweet! I always wanted a twin, I would have loved to have a pair myself!

    1. Well, yeah, the world does need more like you, hun! … actually, think of all you could get done! WOOT!

  7. I don’t have twins, but I do have 3 kids and my days are pretty much consumed with cooking, cleaning, clothing, and then repeating 2 more times. So, I can totally relate. Love the picture by the way!

  8. Love the poem..I am putting it on my fridge. I have 6 mo old twin girls and they do love each other..reaching for each other’s hands for comfort..but they also know how to bug each other…stealing pacifiers from one another is a big one…love each day..even though I’m exhausted

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