Melissa Beth Designs

Today’s women crave style with function. Take myself for instance, when I travel, I like to have a great looking tote for the laptop, and chic bags for the items I carry. Melissa Beth Designs is a Canadian company that’s mission is to make our travel accessories better looking {and more organized} than that old bag from decades ago.

I received a Don’t leave Me Hangin’ Make Up Bag from Melissa Beth Designs. First, there’s the style: hot pink velour with a nice brown and pink edging. this brown and pink dots is also carried through to the inside of the bag as well. Stylish it is, when you have your choice of so many colors just in this case alone. And for once, I like all the colors that are available!
Now the function: Closed, it looks like a purse. Open, and there are 6 zippered compartments to keep everything separate and organized (yes, I like my Organized!) The see through compartments enable you to find exactly what you need, and to clean is just a matter of wiping it down. When open, there is a loop which allows you to hang the bag. This is really nice when travelling, as there’s usually not too much counter space for all the essentials in hotels.

I use my Make Up Bag at home or when travelling. Closed and stored in a drawer, or open and hanging, it makes life a little more simpler (and a lot more stylish)

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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