Meeting Merida at Walt Disney World


I was recently going through some photos from our family last trip to Walt Disney World, from the #DisneyHaunt event this Fall. I landed on our visit with Merida and stayed to reminisce. The memories came flooding back like it was yesterday.

While my girls have many favourite Disney characters, Merida is the newest huge love for them. From the the first time they seen Brave, her spirit and personality captured them completely. Head.over.heels.

This is especially true for my little Sophia, as Merida is such a big deal for her, that she just had to be her for Halloween. She spent a lot of time at the parks as her actually, in costume for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

You see, Merida and my Miss Sophia are a lot alike. Both are very strong, willed, opinionated and independent. Sophia, like Merida, is so spunky, feisty and always challenging herself and others. Oh, and she also has the ability to turn her mother into a bear from time to time. So alas, meeting Merida was a pretty big deal to say the least. To my girls {especially Sophia}, and for myself.

magic kingdom walt disney world merida character

When you meet Merida at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, you actually walk right into the Scottish Highland setting. It’s not hard to immediately spot all the attention taken to details, to make the entire experience resemble walking into the movie Brave.

meet merida disney world

There’s bagpipe music playing and archery lessons taught by kilt-wearing cast members. As you walk in line for the meet and greet, you pass artwork, tapestries and other items which are much like you’d see in the film.

scottish Highland magic kingdom disney world merida

When your turn comes, Merida meets you with a huge smile and a Scottish accent. She’s beautiful!


As you’d expect, she’s got thick and vibrant curly red hair and a flowing green dress. I’ll always remember how Sophia was at first timid, almost taken aback with the ‘WOW, it’s her!!’, but then ran to her with huge hugs. She held tight for a long time, eyes closed and in her own world of fantasy. The moment was perfection.

hugging merida

Merida takes time to speak to her guests, and even shows off her bow. After a visit a cast member {and parents} can take lots of photos with Merida.

merida meet and greet

 There’s a table set up for kids to colour Brave pages. My girls spent some time colouring and talking with other kids around them. Us adults appreciated sitting back int he shade, taking in the surroundings and not having to rush off immediately to what was next on our itineraries.

disney world

Meeting Merida was such a wonderful experience for us and a must-do when at Walt Disney World. One of the many memories our family has had at Disney Parks, and one which will be cherished forever.

meeting merida at disney world



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  1. I love Merida too – she’s a great, brave, courageous character – with flaws which make her all the more real to little girls!

  2. It must have been a real magical experience for the girls to meet up with Merida. I haven’t watched the show Brave yet but I bet it must be a really nice one.

  3. What a lovely setting. My girls would love to meet Merida. I think there favorite Disney movies may just be Brave and Tangled right now.
    I actually surprised myself and really enjoyed Brave.

  4. I love the pic where they are all hugging! So cute! Merida was the only princess my girls insisted on stopping to visit when we visited Disney. The wait was so long, but definitely worth it! My daughter dressed up as Merida for Halloween that year and was not going to leave the park without letting her know that lol.

    1. Know the feeling, our line wasn’t too long, it’s just that they spend time with each kid, which is worth it. Keep that in mind and the wait isn’t so bad.

  5. awesdome movie, loved the pictures, my 4 yr old niece has that gumption and her father got them bows and arrows for christmas!! its her fav gift minus the arrows put away.

  6. Hari OM
    …and Happy 2014 to you and yours Tammi!! I finally got back to linking up. Hope you had wonderful festive season. I love these photos and the reminiscence; not a film I am familiar, but being Scottish you’d think I would!!! YAM xx

  7. What beautiful photos. Merida is stunning. May I ask what camera you use? Your pictures are so crisp and just plain awesome! 🙂

    1. Hi Kristi, Thank you! I have a few Canon DSLR’s, I believe these were taken with my 60D

    1. That’s really cool, must be hard to not be in character when you aren’t .. I’d get too used to it! lol

  8. I love Merida! My husband and I were actually talking about Merida last night. She came up when a Walt Disney World commercial came on. Of course the discussion lead to whether she is wearing a wig or if that is actual her gorgeous, curly hair. We left that debate up in the air! My husband can be stubborn sometimes. Hahah. 😉

    1. It would have to be a wig, yet it suits her that’s for sure. I’d love to have hair like that!!

  9. Those are the best memories! I love the girls hugging her! You’ve had some amazing opportunities with your family! So happy for you!

  10. These are fantastic photos. You are such a pro. My kids would love these even as tweens. Merida is one of their favourite stories and one of their favourite princesses. They make bows and arrows in the yard all the time. They are actually quite talented at crafting them from branches. Fun. Anyways, what on earth are you feeding your children? The oldest is getting so tall!! And they are all so cute and photogenic! Have a great week. Stay warm!

  11. Such a good role model for young girls. I think I would even be excited to go to Disneyworld and meet some of the characters!

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