Elf on a Shelf, Meet Elfie

Last year I caught word of the Elf on a Shelf phenomenon too late in the game to participate. While I think he does have a mildly freaky grin going on, I was curious.

So, many times through this year I debated, going back and forth on whether the Elf would show up for our 2012 holidays. My big concern was whether I had the memory and creativity to pull it off so that the entire thing didn’t totally suck for the kids.

Yet last month I bought the elf, so there it is.

A few weeks ago I asked for parents’ thoughts on Twitter and Facebook, the Elf – creepy or cool? I got a tremendous response, from both sides. It was a great conversation, sharing of ideas and attitudes.

My personal take and why I decided we’d try Elf on a Shelf this year? For fun.

I thought it would be something new and exciting for the girls, a little extra spirit in ringing in the holiday season. I don’t use ‘the elf’ as a bribing tool, or a “he’s watching you!!” method, but if the kids think he is, so be it.

There is the ‘moving doll at night’ creepiness, yet Elf will never go outside our main living room and kitchen area. So, no waking up to see him standing over you, silly grin and all. Yet, it’s no different than me continually finding a Barbie or other doll in my bed, in the fridge, in my shoes etc.

There might be a little mess or two along the way, and this Mom will be adding to her already overflowing workload. Yet, it reminds me of a movie that the twins choose to watch sometimes. In it, a boy draws on the wall with Crayons. Each and every time the twins see it, they start screaming, “OH NO. You’re not allowed to color on the walls. That’s not good, right Mom?” So, a few little messes along the way could very well be a lesson in disguise, of what you are not allowed to do. Also maybe a lesson in helping and teamwork when we all clean it up.

Regardless of everything, why analyze it to death?

Ultimately, I decided Elf on a Shelf could be fun and nothing more. And, turns out it’s been fantastic!

So …. The doorbell rang and the kids unwrapped a little gift from Santa and named him Elfie. They think he’s adorable and welcomed him warmly to our home.

As Katie said with bright eyes and a loud voice, “Santa Claus really does come to town!!”, it just added that bit of magic to the holiday season.

Each morning they wake up and run around trying to find where he is. It’s so adorable to see them all greet him with “Morning Elfie!” every day.

Here’s where Elfie has been ‘hiding’ in our house so far this season![/tps_header]



    1. Hi Tammi
      I think these little elves are hysterical, and recently wrote my own post about the little bit of buzz they’ve gotten in the media. I love the pictures on your post and that Elfie exists in a spirit of fun. If I surprised my 14 and 11 year old cool kids next Christmas with one, would they forgive me eventually, do you think? Wouldn’t want them to feel they missed out….
      : ) Ida Mae

  1. I think it’s a great idea and nothing wrong with bringing a bit more fun in for the girls!

  2. I’m doing with my boys next year for Christmas. I wonder how long the elf on the shelf has been around for. Call me crazy but I remember seeing an elf dressed in red at my grandparents house before that looked exactly like this one. I always thought he was something new just in the past couple years. But the elf at there house was older then I am.

  3. We have an elf in our family… And the girls absolutely love him! They are always excited to let us know where they found him… What’s even more fun for us is that our 15 and 17 yo’s are enjoying it just as much as our 10 and 12 yo’s! Regaling us with the back stories that they create for why or how our elf ended up doing something or other. It really is a lot of fun for everyone. 😀

  4. I absolutely love the idea but I think he’s a little creepy looking. They really need to make some improvements on that! Glad your kids are having so much fun with it!

  5. as for the whole creepy or cool debate, i think elf on the shelf is both creepy and cool at the same time. i don’t have young kids, but i am a fan of taking pics of various toys in daily situations lol i have Rex, a toy dinosaur, a few of his friends, a couple of dolls, and i’ve recently added a KISS k’nex set to my toy chest lol

  6. What a fun idea – The elf pictures are so cute . I may use a reindeer or a snowman instead as I dont think I have any elves in my Christmas stuff. Elffie has such cute little rosy cheeks. Thanks for the great idea

  7. I wish this cute little guy was around when my kids were growing up! Your daughter’s comment about Santa coming to town warmed my heart and made me smile!

  8. My daughters class has one of these in school. They creep me out a bit though. She wants us to get one next year.

  9. My kids talked us into getting an elf this year, although they think it just appeared one night. They suspect my husband bought it, which is funny, because I did it. The elf routine is huge in my oldest daughter’s class, which is what got us started. My youngest was scared at first, but now she mostly likes it. We had her tell it to leave her alone when she was scared, and give it permission to visit her when she calmed down about it.

    I keep joking about leaving it on the couch with an empty beer bottle and the TV remote, with the TV on (low volume) all night.

  10. These are cute.. I saw them while shopping the other day! They remind me of of an old toy you would find in your grandparents basement lol

  11. At work we have a Santa that starts dancing and singing when you walk by it and it freaks me out truly! I don’t know why…kids love it though and I really like watching them gather around it and see their smiling faces. I’ve never heard of nor have I seen this elf before but I can just imagine the joy that it brings to little children

  12. He is kinda cute and looks mischievous…I’m not sure why I have not heard of him before this year?! Maybe next year, I’ll participate!

  13. I like him. But no young kids at my home so I won’t be doing the Elf on a shelf myself.

  14. that is a great idea to get the kids going! and the doll itself is actually pretty cute!

  15. I just got Elf on the Shelf. I am planning on doing it next year. We already told our 9 year old about Santa, however, she is the one that wants to do Elf on the Shelf. It’s probably better if she was in charge of it, because I have only “evil” thoughts about what to do. 🙂

  16. I love this Elf on the Shelf I remember my brother having one but my mom used to attach it to his Stocking!

  17. I just caught Elfie this year but too late to participate. I like how you focused on the fun.

  18. I suppose it has it’s benefits but I would likely forget to move the little elf beyond the first day…I already had a bit, okay a fairly big faux pas this Christmas. My husband, son and I took much time preparing a great snack for Santa and all of the reindeer. It was a lovely plate that anyone would be proud to show….but, Christmas morning, the plate was untouched and we had some fancy explaining to do. If we can’t remember something as important as Santa’s snack, goodness knows what would happen to the poor little elf. 😉

  19. I really like this idea. My dad had a similar-looking elf when he was a kid and I have it now. I’ve been putting him up on the mantle for the last few years. Maybe he’ll need to start moving around. I think it sounds like a fun tradition.

  20. This is the first year I’ve heard of the Elf on a Shelf & I know quite a few people who participated this year. If it’s just for fun then I think you’re right – it’s a great way to get the kids into the spirit of Christmas! (But he does still creep me out a bit!)

  21. Hi Tammi
    These little elves are a riot, and I wish I had heard about them earlier. I recently wrote a post about them as well, after the mini-media hype / controversy hit. I love that you use Elfie in the spirit of fun, and the pictures in your post are so cute! I’m debating picking one up for my soon to be 12 and 15 year old. I wouldn’t want that day to come when they reflect on missing out on this experience. The question is, will they ever forgive me for the potential fun I’ll have at their embarrassment? A mom with a blog is dangerous indeed. Untapped discipline tool? Perhaps.
    : ) Ida Mae

  22. really cute we have a little elf too and tell the kids it it watching, thanks and happy 2013

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