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Have you seen the great Boon inc Mealtime Products?

The transition from just drinking – to include eating, is a grande milestone. For babies, the act of eating provides growth, discovery, and play. For parents – it means one great big mess to clean up. Even before they tackle the art themselves, there’s still plenty of ways for them to make the deed their own.
‘If I could just grab this bowl….got it…and throw!!!’

Whether at home or eating out, parents use their resources and skills to try to get through mealtimes as easy and effortlessly as possible.
With twins, I see them working together – already plotting together, to carry out their plans.
‘Hey sis, pretend to cough…that’s right…OK, I got it! THROW!’ And they both laugh and laugh while I apologize to the poor woman at the table beside me, now wearing mashed carrots.
Take charge Tammi! They may outnumber you, but you can regain control.

I am pleased to be able to feature a second BOON Inc product for you, this time it’s mealtime products. The Saucer is a 3 section divided plate features a non-slip bottom that prevents sliding and pushing. When Saucer met it’s match with my two bullies, there was no way Saucer was pushed around in this house. I liked that the curved design (rimless) prevented the girls from using it as a catapult and also from picking it up.

I also got a set of Benders, a fork and spoon. From what I can remember with Isabelle, there were many incidents of her hurting herself with utensils. Until they gain the fine motors skills and dexterity to use utensils properly (and safely), there’s Benders to help them out. This fork and spoon are soft and bendable enough to adapt to their needs and to their way of learning. Up, down and side to side, it enables them to master the task of coordination. The twins are just experimenting with these right now (Even the fork, as it’;s not sharp or hazardous). They are getting used to the shape of them and practicing their grip right now.

Like the other products that Boon carries, I have found the Saucer to be a unique and trendy design that serves a definite purpose. As well, Boon products are dishwasher safe; and BpA, Phthalate and PVC free. So, being a fashionable piece with a smart design and a dedication to child safety make Boon products top notch in this Mom’s house!

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 


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