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We have all heard about all-natural products that are made from our earth. But what about our natural resources from the water? Marine plant life has been found to be an exceptional source of minerals, antioxidants, and natural oils – particularly beneficial to reverse the signs of aging. Marina Cosmetics is a company that utilizes sea minerals and blends them with vitamins, antioxidants, and plant derived oils. The products at Marina Cosmetics have been dermatologist tested, are hypoallergenic and are paraben free. Marina Cosmetics uses only certified organic ingredients, which are natural and safe for use. Lip products are the focus at Marina Cosmetics, since the lips are prone to show signs of aging {due to not having oil glands} Marina Cosmetics uses Antileukine and Organic Sea Kelp, to keep a healthy and youthful-looking mouth while protecting the lips
from UV rays, sunburn, and chafing.

For review I got 2 lipsticks: the Coconut and the Mediterranean Mauve. Coconut is a warm pink, with a brown base. I really like this color, is like one I used to wear long ago. Great for those dressy occasions {especially for the holidays}. The Mediterranean Mauve is a pink color with some plum, and is lighter than the Coconut. The lipsticks dry smooth and don’t crack. Some lipsticks cause my lips to become so dry that they almost chap the day after use. Yet with Marina Cosmetics’ Lipsticks, my lips showed no ill effect
during nor after use.I also got 2 Lipglosses, Spice Islands {a dark brown-berry color} and Sunkissed {a lighter and more shimmery iced pink}. I have been wearing the lip glosses pretty much everyday, to add a little color. And, the lip products at Marina Cosmetics are water resistant as well, which is nice when your face is either being pelted with rain or snow. I liked that the lip products felt soft and smooth and did great at keeping my lips hydrated.

Marina Cosmetics makes a great stocking stuffer! There is a great variety of shades for both lipsticks and glosses. With lip colors, there are some that I wouldn’t wear if you paid me. Yet, with Marina Cosmetics, I like all the shades, all are great colors! And, there are great collections as well {each named after the sea that the shades take after}. Marina Cosmetics can be purchased online or at some retailers across the US {they are listed on the website}.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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