Maplelea – the Best Things Come in Little Blue Boxes

It’s been said that a girls best friend comes in little blue boxes.

You’re thinking the iconic jewelry, right?

Well, for little girls and their lively and curious imaginations, this statement is also true – yet the blue boxes are from Maplelea.

Maplelea - the Best Things Come in Little Blue Boxes

When my 9 year old twins opened two boxes filled with little blue boxes, their excitement was immeasurable. They have loved Maplelea dolls and accessories for years now, and were over the top about adding to their growing collection. It only goes without saying, this is post is gifting idea right here, guys, so start making those Christmas lists.

Not only dolls and therefore, BFF’s – the girls love that each doll is from a different region of Canada, with their own heritage, background and interests. Each doll comes with a story, in the form of a journal showcasing as such – and the accessories available are made to suit each doll, though you can mix and match to suit your child’s interests as well.

If you aren’t familiar with Maplelea, here is the backgrounder:

Maplelea has been producing high quality 18” dolls and Canadian-themed accessories since 2003. Created by Canadian mom Kathryn Gallagher Morton to be an alternative to the diva-type dolls on the market, the Maplelea Girls™ are age-appropriate dolls that promote creative play and healthy, active lifestyles, while fostering a love and interest in Canadian culture, heritage and geography.

The Maplelea line consists of 7 Maplelea Girls and over a dozen Maplelea Friends, 18″ premium vinyl dolls with soft, huggable bodies, poseable arms and legs, eyes that open and close, and a wide range of hair, skin, and eye colours. Each Maplelea Girl is from a different region of Canada and has a uniquely Canadian story to tell. There is also over 250 accessories, including doll furniture, outfits, play sets, and matching girl & doll clothing to choose from.

Now let’s get to the good part, the contents of these beautiful little blue boxes, because that’s what little girls will want to dive into without delay.

My daughter Sophia got a special package which included the Brianne doll, from farm country, Manitoba. My daughter immediately admired how beautiful she was, and so nicely dressed in her western-inspired clothing, right down to the most adorable cowboy boots.

Maplelea - the Best Things Come in Little Blue Boxes

Holding Brianne Kovac, Sophia didn’t waste time and read her journal right away – then got very excited. “Brianne is Ukrainian just like us, Mom!!”, Sophia shouted … and that’s what I love about Maplelea right there, the bond that immediately forms and the education that grows when learning about different parts of our country.

Maplelea review

Next, Sophia and I build Brianne’s new bed, since they were both so eager to set up her new space in our home. We have a couple Maplelea Doll Beds now – they are so easy to assemble, and the quality through the years has proven to be incredible. Brianne’s Field of Flowers Bedding with the cutest little complimentary pillows.

maplelea doll bed Field of Flowers Bedding

This set is gorgeous {kid-sized version please!}, the colours are so bright and dreamy.

maplelea doll bed

Because Sophia and Brianne became BFF’s so fast {obviously due to the shared fashion sense, heritage, and love for horses}, Sophia was delighted to see that two little blue boxes contained Flower Girl PJs for her, and Flower Girl PJs for dolls – adorable! They match Brianne’s bedding too!

Maplelea kid doll matching pajamas

Next, Katelyn dove into her beloved little blue boxes, of which by the way she’s decided on keeping in her room and not recycling – to store all the pretty things. She got the Maplelea Alexi Doll, who is from Toronto. She comes in a trendy urban outfit that is full of style and flair. Katelyn discovered right away that Alexi loves cats, and that makes my Katie-Kat and Alexi soul mates.

Maplelea Alexi Doll

A great interest of Alexi’s is gymnastics, so another not-so-little blue box contained the Maplelea Gymnastics Set. It comes with a ‘mini-tramp’, balance beam, ‘cheese’ (wedge that can be converted into crash mat) and 4 floor mats. For my little cheerleader and lover of all things tumbling – this was a very incredible accessory set to get.

Maplelea Gymnastics Set

She loves tumbling too! I bet she can do a walkover like I can”, Katie said.

Maplelea Gymnastics Set

Oftentimes my twins are tumbling in the living room, and now we have them and their friends doing stunts and routines, it’s quite the sight. The imagination and conversations that have come about are heartwarming.

Maplelea Gymnastics Set

Another accessory for Alexi is the Personal Best outfit, which is a warm-up pants and jacket, gymnastics bag, hair scrunchie and gymnastics suit. She also needs quality footwear since she is absolutely active – so the cute Pacesetter Shoes were in a little blue box as well. My girls have their cute gym outfits, so of course Alexi needs one too!

Maplelea dolls review

Both Katelyn and Sophia got a Maplelea Doll Tote, which is really a genius idea for an accessory considering their Maplelea items were always taking up the bulk of their bags whenever they’d take them on-the-go {and yes, that is often}. This carrier bag is carefully designed to tote not only one or two of your Maplelea dolls but their pets and accessories as well.

Maplelea Doll Tote

The sturdy base zips open to reveal 1 large and 2 smaller pockets, perfect for storing outfits, accessories and journals – whatever your dolls need for their adventure!

Maplelea Doll Tote review

Yet my twins aren’t the only ones that have lots of pretty little things, Maplelea Dolls have their items too, like their Hairbrush! So they each also got a Mini Doll Size Tote which is a small version of their own totes, because BFF’s have matching items, am I right?

Maplelea mini Doll Tote

Maplelea offers so many dolls and accessories that comes in the best little blue boxes, each one tells a tale and facilitates individuality, pride and interest. For imaginative and educational reasons, I love that my daughters dive into the world of their dolls. Check out and see all that the brand offers, and remember this when it comes to holiday gifting – the contents of these little blue boxes brings so much joy.

Maplelea Doll Review



Disclosure: Product was supplied to facilitate this review post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. I’d love Saila because it would be great fun for our grandkids to learn about different cultures!

  2. I would get KMF14
    Long blonde hair, light skin, blue-grey eyes
    my daughters & my hair colour

  3. I think I would choose Léonie because my husband is originally from Quebec and it would be nice for our daughters to learn a bit more about the Quebec culture and to have a French doll (they are both in French Immersion, and one just started kindergarten so this would make a special gift for her). I also really like Charlsea because I am from the West Coast, and we live on the West Coast, so she’d fit right in to our family.

  4. I would choose Taryn for my granddaughter,learning about the Canadian Rockies would be a good experience !

  5. I would choose Taryn because she’s from Alberta, loves the outdoors and really looks like my niece.

  6. I’d get the Charlsea doll for my four-year-old niece. She’s a brunette middle child with two blonde sisters. I think she’d really like having a doll with the same colouring as her.

  7. I would choose Taryn, she’s from the Canadian Rockies as brown hair and eyes like my granddaughter. My granddaughter would love her!

  8. I love how Maplelea made these dolls so relatable for our Canadian Girls. My daughter recently bought herself Saila and loves discovering all about Saila’s life.

  9. I would choose Taryn Brady as she looks like my granddaughter and she is also from the Rockies area and they would have a lot in common.

  10. I would really like to be able to choose one with short hair, but there are none! I do like them though and KMF26 would be closest.

  11. I showed my daughter each of the dolls on the website & she chose Léonie b/c of her “red clothing & nice smile”

  12. I would choose Léonie. She reminds me of my granddaughter and she would love her!

  13. My daughter loves Charlsea. She looks after her dolls so well that this would absolutely delight her.

  14. I like all the dolls. I would choose Jenna because, like me, she hails from the East Coast. She also reminds me of our famous redhead, Anne of Green Gables. Thank you for such a sweet giveaway.

  15. there are all adorable. I think I would pick Léonie she looks like my grand daughter and I think she would like this one

  16. I would probably chose Jenna, she looks so much like my daughters!! or I would have my granddaughter chose her very own friend!

  17. The dolls are beautiful! I’d love KMF21 – blonde hair and brown eyes just like my girls 🙂

  18. I would pick Charlsea doll for my niece, since she looks similar to her and I know she would love the outfit she comes in.

  19. I choose Brianne because she is from the Prairies, has blonde hair, blue eyes and looks cow-girly.

  20. Those dolls are adorable and all the accessories are great. Your daughters are so beautiful.

  21. I would love to get a the KMF11 Maplelea Friend with short curly black-brown hair, medium-dark skin, brown eyes – she looks just like my daughter!!!!

  22. For us its complicated…Emily wants one that looks like her mom but she would also want one that looks like her. Right now Emily is with her dad so misses her mom a lot. Myself I think I would pick the one that resembles her mom the most as she would have that forever

  23. Taryn would be my pick as she resembles my girl, and the name rhymes too! The perfect choice!

  24. I would choose Jenna because I think she’s the prettiest with her beautiful red hair.

  25. My girls would probably choose Leonie as both my hubby and I are from Quebec and our extended families still live there. She also looks like them!

  26. I would choose Jenna as she looks like one of my great nieces and would be a fantastic gift.

  27. I love Alexi because she is from Toronto; my hometown, and she reminds me of my granddaughter.

  28. My choice would be Brianne since she’s from the Prairies which is where I live. This would be a great doll for my granddaughter, born in Australia now living in Germany, she’d adore her.

  29. I would choose Alexi because she reminds me of my niece who would get the doll if I win.

  30. Of the Maplelea Girls I would choose Taryn because her background is the Rockies and so is my granddaughters.

  31. I choose Taryn because it embodies the character of the western Rockies where we are from.

  32. I would choose Jenna because she’s from the east coast us she looks like my great niece.

  33. I would choose Charlesea because we also live on the BC coast, and are a kayak loving family!

  34. I would choose either Taryn or Léonie because I think my daughter would love them the most

  35. I would choose Leonie – while my husband is European French (Egypt) she would be perfect for my 2 FI girls.

  36. I would choose Jenna because she looks almost identical to a beautiful little girl I adore.

  37. I’d choose Taryn, being from alberta it’s right up my girls alley! Little mini me!

  38. Id get the doll for my niece, and she loves her cousin and Leonie looks alot like her cousin so I would by her.

  39. My daughter has Leonie, but I think this would be a gift for my niece – there’s a chance she would pick the same but I think any of them she would like

  40. I would chose Léonie as she looks the closest to one of my granddaughters. I think she would also like her because Léonie likes hockey too.

  41. I like Léonie Belanger-Leblanc because she looks like my auntie and my aunt lives in Quebec.

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