Maplelea Girls Doll Bed & Bedding Sets

My oldest is a huge fan of the Canadian Maplelea dolls. Her bestie Taryn is her Maplelea friend who goes everywhere with our family – even on our recent trip to Turks & Caicos! 

Isabelle gets very excited when the newest Maplelea magazine arrives at our house, she combs through it very carefully, making her wishlist. One item which she’s wanted for a long time, is a Maplelea Doll Bed. Taryn always slept in the Maplelea box that she arrived in, which has been great for over a year, but Isabelle has always wanted her to have a stylish bed of her own.

Recently Maplelea sent my daughter the Maplelea Doll Bed, painted white wooden bed. It measures 56 cm long x 28 cm wide x 28 cm high (22” x 11” x 11”) and is designed exclusively for the Maplelea dolls. To go along with the bed, she was also sent some Maplelea Bed Bedding {sold separately}. 


I let Isabelle choose the bedding and she immediately fell in love with the Butterfly Bedding. The purple and green colours even match her room!

The cutest thing was after she decided on this bedding, we realized that the Butterfly Bedding was actually made for Taryn! No way!

At home it is a snuggly comforter, but at sleep-overs and camp-outs it is a sleeping bag! With two ties attached at the end, it can be rolled for easy transport. Covered mattress, bottom sheet with dust ruffle, pillow and pillow case are also included. The embroidered butterfly design is based on the Thicket Hairstreak, a rare butterfly found in Banff National Park; the flowers are the Harebells that bloom everywhere in the meadows and forests near Taryn’s mountain home.


The Bedding set includes :

  • Comforter that converts to a sleeping bag
  • Covered mattress
  • Bottom sheet with dust ruffle
  • Pillow
  • Pillow case

How cute is this set?! I love the dust ruffle and the pillow to match, really the fabric and sewing is quality, the colours vibrant and the entire set right down to the pillow – is adorable!


The 4 poster bed is sturdy and I can tell it’ll hold up well with play. The overall look is so stylish and cute, it really suits my daughters room and Taryn loves it too, I’m told.


You can’t go wrong with the Maplelea bed and Bedding sets, one great accessory for the Maplelea fan. Best of all Maplelea carries quite a number of bedding styles, there’s sure to be one to compliment any childs room and taste. You can order right from the site and I urge you to sign up to get the Maplelea Magazine, this arrival truly makes a kids day!


If you are looking into getting a Maplelea doll, there’s so many to choose from.The collection of dolls represent keys areas from Canada’s coast to coast. Like the region they represent, their looks, clothes and hair compliments that heritage. Each one comes with a 64-page journal with the doll’s story and lots of question and answer pages for a young girl to document her own story.

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review post. Opinions are, as always, my own.



  1. These have got to be the cutest dolls ever! I think my girls would love her bad the bed!!

  2. How cute! My niece loves dolls and I am sure she would love these too! I might have to order one for a Christmas Present for this year!

  3. What an adorable little bed!! That is too cute. I love how it matches everything, too!

    1. So perfect right? It looks incredible in her room! Plus, she’s taking Taryn and the sleeping bag to camp this weekend!

  4. How adorable they are. When I visit my cousins, I always see one of these cute dolls on my little cousin’s bed. Now I know when I can get her for her birthday. A little bed for her doll! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are to cute! I remember being the same way with similar dolls when I was her age, I can;t wait for my baby girl to be in to this kind of stuff!

  6. That bed is adorable! Funny I was just saying today I needed to find hangers and clothes storage for my gis dolls.

  7. I remember when I was your daughter’s age and my aunt bought my sister and I American Girl Dolls. That was such a fun and memorable trip 🙂

  8. That little bed is absolutely adorable!! I always wanted something like this when I was a kid!

  9. I didn’t realize there was an alternative to the american girl dolls! My daughter is almost to the age where I will be buying her something like this (I told her when she is 6 or 7 and she will be 6 in a couple months). I think I might be as excited as her! I always wanted one as a kid and never go it 🙁

  10. How cute! My daughter loved American Girl dolls when she was little, and she would have loved these dolls and the bedding as well!

  11. My daughter is 21 years old and still has all of her dolls and doll furniture. This bed is sure to become a cherished toy.

  12. What a sweet doll and doll bed! I bet your daughter was thrilled when she was able to finally get that bed she’s been eying 🙂

  13. Hi Tammi, I am a 66yr. youngster who has also fallen in love with the Maplelea Family of Dolls and Friends. I would like to encourage Moms,Grandmothers, Aunties and any other Doll Lovers to investigate and allow themselves to be infatuated with the Mapleleas. As a gal who has sewn all her life, the clothing and designs of all their items is 150% the best quality I have seen. As my collection grows I would encourage everyone , regardless of age, not to be intimidated by other non- doll-fans, but to enjoy and use the dolls even when their child has lost temporary interest, it does wane sometimes. I have been adopting gently cared for dolls and adding new additions to my collection.
    My hope is to find time to re- love these dolls and perhaps share some of them with the youngsters and the oldsters in our Families. My sister-in-law presented her Mother with a doll when she moved into her re-tirement home and she enjoys getting a new item of clothing, shoes or an accessory for her constant companion in the home, she is often saying about her doll , Rosie is always smiling , she makes me smile too. We think many of the Ladies in retirement homes might enjoy having a doll of their own, and we will try to work to this end, an idea worth pursuing. Forever enjoying Dolly Fever, Joanne

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