Matching Maplelea Doll and Child Pajamas

My kids, like many others, are amazing by items which go the extra mile to make them feel truly special. If given the choice, they most definitely gravitate to products that are ‘like them’.

When my twins were younger, I sometimes dressed them in complimentary or matching clothing. I have to admit, it’s was one fun aspect of having twins. Yet as they aged, and their very different and distinct personalities shone {and they choose their own clothing}, it’s very seldom that they match anymore. 

Added to that, they don’t really understand the whole ‘twin thing’. At 7 I still hear them say, for instance, “wear the same socks so we can be twins”. Hilarious! 

Maplelea, the Canadian line of dolls for girls, have some really great accessories like their matching girls and doll pajamas. My twins were happy to recently open a package from Maplelea, containing pajamas for themselves and our Maplelea Dolls, Taryn and Charlsea.

Maplelea doll and girl matching pajamas

Sold separately, the green and blue Night Owl Nightwear for doll {is designed for Taryn, who hails from Banff.} comes with two-piece long pajamas, slippers, collectible journal page, and blank journal page. There’s also the matching {Night Owl Nightwear Pajamas for child} Both features an owl, moon and stars, it’s design compliments the Canadian Rocky Mountain area.

Night Owl Nightwear for Maplelea doll and girl

For Charlsea, there’s the Sea Otter Sleepwear for doll {which includes pyjamas, slippers, stuffy, collectible journal page, blank journal page} and Sea Otter Sleepwear for child. This ones design has the breezy coastal feel of Charlsea’s birthplace of the west coast.

Maplelea Sea Otter Sleepwear

Of course these sets are nothing short of adorable. Yet, what pleases me most, is the quality. As a parent who want bang for the buck, all the cute in the world can’t compare to a quality made item. The fabric used on these items are thick and soft, such a difference than the pyjamas they’ve gotten recently from stores. So you have the matching cute factor, but also a really great pajama!

Canadian Maplelea Doll Pajamas

The twin adore these pyjamas, and I’m lucky if I can sneak them off to wash them now and then. They’ve literally been wearing them non-stop. Making nighttimes a bit easier is being cuddled in with you best doll friend, who not only has your back – but your style.

Then there’s the beaming smile while holding up an outfitted to match Maplelea doll and claiming, “Mom! I’m a Twin now”. Ummmm?


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. When my niece sees these she will go crazy!! So cute though, guess I am going shopping online!

  2. Those dolls are adorable and the clothes are lovely. Your girls are even cuter than the dolls.

  3. These Dolls are adorable and I just know that my granddaughters would love them! Your daughters look a lot like you,they are growning into beautiful young ladies!

  4. Aww, that’s really sweet. I don’t have twins, but siblings would still love these pajamas.

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