Cooking with Kids, Making Memories

Some of my fondest memories of my mother were spent ‘cooking’. I have to use this word loosely since it wasn’t just the act of measuring, pouring and mixing. That in itself was one aspect, but really, it was so much more.

My childhood home had the most beautiful vegetable garden, memories of walking the rows and choosing the ripe foods seem like yesterday. My mother, pail in hand, hummed a song quietly while she tended to her much-loved hobby. Though I’m sure I stepped on more plants than not and ate more than I dropped in her bucket. Flash forward to sitting at the table with Mom and Dad,shelling peas from the garden for that nights meal….

Good times. Perfect times.

As a Mother, with blurry days of chaos all around – I need to remember these simple moments of my own childhood. I would love nothing more than to have my own kids think back one day and see these times, as some of the best of their lives.

We may not have a vegetable garden, but I can slow things down in my day to involve them in ‘cooking’. When shopping, let them choose the apples to place into the bag, for instance. And I personally can’t wait for Spring to come and the farmers market to open!

I still love baking to this day, and though it’s an extra step for me to prepare, I try and measure out ingredients so the twincesses can help Mommy pour them all into the bowl. Their proud smiles show me that they are making memories, hopefully as fond as my own when I was young.

It may be working, my oldest loves nothing more than to stand with me at the sink and peel potatoes. Cooking with kids needent be complicated nor planned. The simple things account for more than we realize.

What little ways do you involve your kids with ‘cooking’?



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  1. Every Wed night is cooking lesson at my house. The kids get a lesson (about 5 minutes) about something to do with cooking and they get to help use that new skill with dinner.
    1st night we talked about safety and meal planning they watched me–helped me get things out of fridge and helped me plan the weeks meals.
    2nd time was about clean/food prep—they watched again–they cleaned up as I prepared-and again helped take things out.
    3rd time we talked about knife safety–I bought safety knifes from Pampered Chef–they cut up stuff for the salad
    4th time we talked about different ways to cook–we cooked eggs 4 different ways–boiled, poached, scrambled, and fried.

    and so on—it has been fun — real motivation is so one day in about 7 years my 4 year old and my 6 year old can make me dinner and clean it up! 😉

  2. my sons also love to be in the kitchen with me. Though they like the job of taste tester most, they love even getting items for me from the fridge and help with clean-up. It’s also a prime time to chat too!

  3. What a fantastic idea, Amy!
    I might have to implement this with my oldest, thanks for the great tip!

  4. My kids want to help out more than I let them, mostly because the kitchen isn’t big enough, there isn’t room for the stool and it’s just easier to do it myself. They do most of their helping with Grandma.

  5. My little boy loves getting to help out in any way we let him. When we boiled eggs to decorate for easter, he sat and watched the water boiling, telling me, “Dem bubbles are getting bigger and bigger, mommy!” He’s a very active 3 year old so having him sit still and watch something was a treat in itself. And he loves getting to turn on the mixer or blender or oven timer, etc.

  6. I could have written this blog post! It speaks to me.
    I also grew up in a house with a yard and a full vegetable garden, back in the days when parents would set their kids free outside in the neighbourhood with strict instructions to return home for dinner! We’d run from back yard to back yard which usually involved snagging a few items from each veggie garden as we went. Surely my mom won’t know that pea or bean is missing…right?
    Now I’m living in the city and although I’m raising my kids living in a condo I try to involve my oldest (the young one is only 14 mo.) in cooking, baking or whatever I’m doing in the kitchen. It’s a fun time to connect with kids and build my own memories with my own kids. From a practical point of view I also think it’s great to get kids involved in what you’re doing. They are so eager to help at a young age and if you brush them aside hoping to finish quickly they’ll stop offering and there will be silence years down the line when you ask for and actually need help!

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