Make a Global Impact with Me to We Gifts

It was well over a year ago when my oldest daughter gave her best friend a Me to We Rafikis Friendship Bracelet. Cute, in style and worn constantly since then; these bracelets are actually so much more then just jewellery. 

June 2014

With the purchase of this particular bracelet, lives are changed. 

Me to We are gifts that make global impact as each product delivers a meaningful gift to a child or family in a community overseas, like clean drinking water or access to healthcare.

The Me to We organization that has partnered with Staples this holiday season, to encourage people to think more about ‘we’ rather than ‘me’ – and give gifts that changes lives.

For convenience, Me to We gifts are conveniently sold at staples stores and online. 

Aside from these Rafikis, there are plenty of Me to We products that would make excellent gifts this Christmas. I was recently send a little assortment of Me to We products, and I gotta say – there are cute! The mittens, infinity scarf and fuzzy socks are so soft!

Which made me realize that these items are commonly gifted this time of year, they are great gifts for anyone in fact. Yet Me to We are ones give back!

global impact with me to we gifts

When buying each Me to We Infinity Scarf or beanie hat, one tree is planted. The Snuggle Socks and mittens give medicine with each purchase. 

When buying a Passport Holder {which is a great bag to hold all sorts of stuff, actually}; one child is fed. The toiletry bag gives clean water. With the purchase of the backpack, school supplies are given.

shop me to we at staples canada

As you can see, these items are really nice and functional – but they have such a bigger purpose. Impressive is feeling the super-soft heart socks, but that smile grows bigger when you are reminded with each look, that those socks helped someone in need.

me to we gifts from staples

In addition, visit Track Your Impact, and you’ll be able to see how and where each product makes a difference by typing in your code found on the product.

This holiday season, consider shopping Me to We at Staples {online and in stores} and change a life with a simple purchase. 

Warm hearts are giving hearts, give with all your heart.


Disclosure: I received a gift card to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. Me to We Gifts sound great! I love the idea of helping others just by purchasing their products.

  2. I love that Staples is involved with this great organization. I like that it supports more than one area of need. I will be making a shopping trip to Staples this year.

  3. This is exactly what the season is all about! I am glad there is a way to give back to others as you buy your holiday gifts. What a great idea.

  4. This is wonderful! Sounds like the spirit of this season is hitting so many. This is wonderful of staples! I will have to be sure to stop by there!

  5. I am going to have to talk to my niece about this.
    This certainly looks to make an impact.

  6. Me to We sounds like a perfect organization. What a great way to get children in the mindset of sharing or giving instead of taking.

  7. What an awesome way to give back and get the gear you need. I love how each purchase makes a different impact!

  8. Me to We sounds like a very excellent organization for solving ideas and sharing much need gifts

  9. This is a gift appropriate to the Meaning of the Season. For a relatively small amount of money, we can gift a friend or family member and help someone in the third world. This is a totally win-win situation. Thank you for the information as I had not heard of this organization before.

  10. The heart design is very compelling. I love how you can track the impact of your purchases at Me to We as well.

  11. What wonderful gift ideas those all are. And even better that they all make a global impact because these Me to We purchases support people in need.

  12. We have purchased a few of the Me to We products. Going to have to get a couple pairs of the mitts for Christmas presents.

  13. A great cause for sure,my goodness you daughter is growing into a beautiful young lady

  14. Me to We Gifts is a terrific idea, teaching children the true spirit of the holidays, kudos to Staples for supporting this cause.

  15. These are awesome. My mom gave me the “Me to We Rafiki Friend Chain, Water” for christmas last year. I’m going to pick up the “Me to We Magnets” for my daughter’s stocking this year!

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