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Ahhh…the Christmas Season. All that holiday cheer, toasts and merry-great-fun sometimes comes at more of a cost than we think. When the holiday season is over – I let out a few exhausted sighs of relief – tired, stressed and aching all over {and not just from the food}. This year, my plan is to slow down, plan ahead and relax more during the holidays {even if it means that the tree isn’t decorated exactly just perfectly}

I am so glad that we recently got our first LUSH store in my city, it was long overdue. I have since frequented the store a lot, the mixture of smells and fragrances completely draw me in. The staff at LUSH are always so great {one staff member always takes Isabelle to browse some kid-friendly and kid-fun products, while I get to quiz another
LUSH staff on all the newest arrivals}.
But, half my problem is that there is almost too many choices {is that possible?}. I find myself wanting more than one, yet find it hard {without a trusty staff to guide me} to mix and
match the products alone.

Alas – to save me this season
{when shopping for others and myself}
are Holiday Gift Sets from LUSH!

I received the Merry Christmas Gift Box which has everything included to completely pamper yourself. Note: when it says that this box is full of sparkles and stars, they mean it – quite literally & how festive! This package came wrapped in red and gold handmade paper from Nepal, and contained quite a fine selection of LUSH products. There is Vanilla Dee Lite Lotion, Sugar Scrub, Bath Melt, Holiday Bubble Bar, So White Bath Bomb, Let Them Eat Cake Lip Balm, Jingle Spells Bath Bomb and a Snowcake Soap {my Favorite!}. Yes, everything is included but the partridge in a pear tree himself!
This delightful gift set makes you want to ensure the shopping is done early, escape the pre-holiday madness and just relax and wash the stress away!
Included in the package are directions for use and a complete ingredient list for each product.

I also got the Secret Santa Gift Pack which includes a Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb and a Snowcake Soap. These are 2 great holiday LUSH products that are sure to please any recipient. They both have a really nice scent as well. Like the name implies, the Secret Santa gift pack is perfect to have on hand for that unexpected visitor that brought you that very unexpected gift. Don’t get caught in yet another holiday-panic-attack! Have a few Secret Santa Gift Packs on hand, for such a time when you need a gift fast. It also makes a great exchange gift for co-workers, teachers or for the something special you want to include with someone’s gift.

The Color Me Christmas Gift Package is cleverly packaged in a kid-friendly gingerbread house. This set would make a great gift for a kid, from the kid – or for Mom {and the kids can stay busy and color the box while you sneak away to have a long hot bath! HeeHee}
Included in this gift set is a Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Lil LUSH Pud Bath Bomb, Mr. Butterball Bath Bomb, Strawberry Santa Shower Gel, Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb. This entire box smells as sweet as it reads, and I’d suggest this gift set to the person who loves yummy scents. Myself, I have fallen in love with the Mr. Butterball Bath Bomb,
it leaves the skin so soft!

LUSH makes a pretty simple gift idea, especially for that hard-to-shop-for person. We all like a little R&R, you know! {better yet, when gifting LUSH to your wife – include some guaranteed alone time away from the kids,
so she can really get away from it all!}
There are about 12 different Gift Sets, all ranging in price from $9.95 to $199.95. Whether it be your neighbor or your Mom – there’s one for everyone {even the Men}. They all come gift wrapped {even mine did}, can it get any easier?! Those still shopping on the 24th {tsk, tsk} will love that!


 ** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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