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If you are looking for fresh handmade cosmetics, look in the LUSH direction. This is a huge company, which retails just about everywhere. I have seen the stores in the big cities before, and noticed just last week that a store is being opening in my local mall. Yaa!!!

The company’s core beliefs are true to their product and the customers they serve. They believe that “words like fresh and organic have honest meaning beyond marketing”. And in the present, when the trend is in favor of organic – it’s important to know why and stick to the roots of the purpose. LUSH makes their products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. They even invent their own products and fragrances. they are made fresh (by hand using little or no preservative or packaging) and use only vegetarian ingredients.

When I got a package in the mail from LUSH, before it was opened I could smell a delicious fragrance. Being the first time I had tried the products, this was my first sense of it, and it was great! I got the Rehab Shampoo. (This particular item is presently out of stock) It has a pleasant smell of rosemary and mint. This shampoo does a great job at cleaning my hair. A little goes a long way, for a squeaky clean.

I also got the Retread Conditioner as well. “Softening cantaloupe, protein-packed yogurt, and strengthening jojoba and olive oils give your hair a healthy helping of conditioning and scent it with violets and oranges”. Now, I put a little on in the shower and it felt dry. So I added more and more. Finally, it felt like there was some product in there. Afterward, my hair felt nourished and soft. I thought for a long time why I had to use so much of it, and how it compared to my other conditioners. then it hit me, my others coated the hair and covered it with conditioners. Retread was being soaked in by my hair, nourishing it from the inside – out. I like that the conditioner is actually going into rebuilding my hair and just not masking it. I do notice that I have to use more of this when my hair is really dry, and less when it’s not. With retread, I actually feel like I am healing my hair!

I also got the Angels On Bare Skin Cleaner, which is vegan. It’s kinda an odd looking cleanser (for someone who hasn’t used it before), looks like a chunk of clay. I pinch off a small piece, mix with a bit of water in my hand and use. I like that the bits in it give my skin a good clean. At first I started breaking out a bit after using it, but then realized that this cleanser was actually getting the evils out. It didn’t last that long, and now leaves my skin clear and clean. “Ground almonds gently exfoliate, rose absolute tones and lavender oil soothes”. So, if you have a Nut allergy, this particular one isn’t right for you. Have no worries though, each product on the site has a complete and detailed ingredient list.

I have to mention, LUSH offers it’s customers with excellent online service. They work with you on any questions you may have, and make sure you are getting the product suited for you. I like the personal interaction with a company, whether in a store or online. They have some wonderful smelling fragrances that I cannot wait to try. Like I said, if the products for the hair and face smelled divine, I’m eager to experience the actual fragrances!

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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