Looking Back

Isabelle ~ 2008 {Age 3}

I’ve spent a great deal of time lately looking back at old photos. Going through these pictures is largely due to the great photos disaster of 2011. Since then I have been really studying photos of when my oldest daughter was a baby and toddler. I can’t help but to compare her at 3, to the twins {now of age 3}. What a difference those few years make! And it sure puts so much into perspective. Not to mention how rested and grey-hair free I looked!

How often do you look back at old photos?

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  1. I have a huge stack of old photos that I need to go through!! I am making a photobook for my grandmother for her birthday next month…I love old photos!


  2. Yes, I’ve been looking back at old photos recently too… Love the reminiscing, although one can’t do it too much (I find)

  3. That is an adorable picture! I love looking back at pictures of the kids when they were little (and sweet and innocent~big sigh).

  4. Adorable Tammi! It’s amazing how quickly they grow!! I’m also sorry about your great photo disaster… I made a post in the past about saving pics to external drives… we take advantage of of computers…

  5. It is so bittersweet for me to look at pictures. Just a year can make a huge difference when they are young. Seeing my son at the start of Preschool a year ago until the start of Kindergarten now is just crazy.

    She was beautiful at age 3! I hear you on how you looked so different! I try to convince myself I am aging gracefully but that isn’t always the case when looking at pics!

  6. I wish I looked back more often but I too had a Photo Disaster in 2010. My husband now is the keeper of the photos since he is better at backing up his data.

  7. What an angel! I love looking back at old photos and seeing how they’ve grown and changed. I have 3 that are each two years apart so I like to see what each looked like when they were the younger’s age…

  8. I love to look at old photos of the kids, not that they’re that old yet but they change SO much so quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. I look at old photos usually every 6 months or so on avg. I love looking back on great memories:) Great photo! xo

  11. I love looking back on when The Boy was The Baby. They’re just precious.

  12. I used to do it all the time when my youngest was a baby. I’d compare the two. Now, I’ve been looking at pictures of ME as a baby and seeing the similarities. It’s a little creepy ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Several of our friends had babies this past year, but my DH & I decided to stop at 2. Because of this I have been going back through pics of mine… (nearly 4 and 2) when they were babies. It is always good for a cry.

  14. I keep photo albums close by. Little Boo loves looking through them with me. Sadly, I haven’t been printing any pics the past 3 years, but the digital pics are saved in at least 3 places.

    When I was home for a visit a couple weeks back, I went through really old photos with my parents, wrote notes on the backs of them, and stole them to scan in here ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. At least every Wednesay!

    I have a lot of images on my Flickr site, organized into sets. I browse the sets all the time.

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  16. She is too cute!!! I look back at the previous month or two frequently. With so much being held on my computer- I fear that one day the technology will be old & there won’t be a way for my grand kids to see all the photos I have. So I try to at least got through them all & get my favorites from every month or two printed & I put them in albums. The kids will often sit down to look at them when they are bored. It’s amazing to see how much they change in a couple months time.

  17. I love looking back at old photos – and putting them together sometimes. I did a retrospective of first day of school pictures on my blog last week. I can really see how my oldest has grown and changed when I look at that 5 year progression.

  18. We have a digital picture frame on our desk. I haven’t uploaded to the photo card since my son was 3. He’s 6 now. I see old photos every time I’m at the desk. I “ohhhh and ahh” every time.

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