Girls Day, Long Overdue

This past weekend, my twin girls went on their very first sleepover at their Grandparents. In almost 4 years, I haven’t I spent this much time alone with my Isabelle. A girls day {and night} with just us, was long overdue. Here is our story…

First we had to shop! So, as soon as we dropped off the twins, we headed to the mall.

As soon as we walked in, I spotted a salon and remembered that Belle desperately needed her bangs trimmed. So, a bit of pampering for my first girl was necessary.

A person smiling for the camera

Isabelle had the most fun in Claire’s {no shocker there}, the hub of all things pretty for pre-teens. We tried on silly hats {and tiaras} and laughed at the Bieber pillows and necklaces – she’s so over ‘the beebs’ now. We left with a purchase of cherry flavored lip gloss and press on nails, my gift to her.

A person wearing a hat

After browsing more stores and trying on perfume and shoes, our last stop was for milk and some press-on nails for myself. It was decided that we had to both get new nails for our date night. That’s a no-brainer, right?!

We went home to drop off bags, play a quick board game and apply our nails…

Nail and Hand

Then, we left again to go out for dinner. and she picked Boston Pizza. We got fancy slushie drinks and talked about everything from school, movies to the upcoming summer holidays. She {yes, she} even commented on my not having to take littles to the bathroom, cut up food, fetch dropped crayons or repeat ‘Shhhh’ a few hundred times. It’s routine parenting for me, yet I hadn’t noticed how much things like that bothered her before. Needless to say, it was nice to again have each others’ full attention.

A close up

Belle and I had every intention of going to the theater to see a movie, but the dark clouds came and rain was minutes away. Plus, a day of shopping is exhausting! So, a quick stop for chocolate and candy, and in no time we were cuddled up at home. Fuzzy pajamas on, we ended date day with some movies. More giggles and chats followed, as well as insane amounts of candy that would make Halloween jealous.

As a Mom of 3, it was SO ODD to be at home alone with just my oldest daughter. I did miss the twins, but I revelled in the fact that I wasn’t called to wipe toddler bums every 20 minutes or referee ‘she called me a poopy-head‘ fights. Belle and I really needed this time alone.

Way too often our conversations are interrupted and my hands are always holding onto her younger sisters. For 20 whole hours, it was only her hand I held, and she didn’t drop our grip even when she spotted a few friends from school at the mall.

Isabelle didn’t stop smiling the whole time, she needed this date-day just as much as I did.

Happy ending to the story? We both got to sleep in! xoxo

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    1. Thanks Ashley. Au natural too – posting a photo of myself with no makeup isn’t the easiest thing to do! lol

    1. Thanks Casey, it was one that had to be written down.
      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

  1. Sounds like you both had an amazing day together, I think it is time my oldest daughter and I had a girl day out together aswell.

    1. It’s something that you have to schedule in, days pass too quickly. Plan that date, mama. And don’t forget the cherry lipgloss!

    1. I’d like to Chelsea, and they do need some time apart once in a while. But, right now I don’t have the manpower to do it too often {babysitters}. And, they are literally attached the hip, there are tears if I try to separate them even for one to go to the doctor. lol

  2. Sounds like a great day Tammi. She’s a lot more hip then I am…I’m just getting into the Beebs haha…

    Oh my…did I just say hip?

  3. That sounds like a wonderful girls day! You really do almost look like sisters in the photo…wow. She is the cutest little girl ever. (I wish…3 boys for me) My grandmother was the one I spent that sort of time with and I remember every vivid detail even though it was 35-38 years ago. It is so important to try and spend individual time with our children, although sometimes it is not easy to do. I bet your daughter will remember it fondly when she is older. So happy for you that you were able to do that and have a great time! 😉

  4. I will be doing something similar with my daughter before school starts back.

  5. It really is great to get one on one time with them. We have had 3 dates with our older son since his baby brother was born. Today baby had a doctor appointment and I sent daddy with the baby. I stayed home and had some quiet one on one time with the oldest.

  6. This was so heart warming to read.
    It`s so wonderful to see that you realize that you both need one on one time together.
    It`s tough to be the eldest and to not have your full attention all of the time. It`s life with siblings but it`s so awesome to see that you take the time.

    1. Thanks Tania, It is tough to make the time. But, it is needed now and then. As she gets older, I see more and more how much it’s necessary!

  7. You girls are gorgeous!
    It is so tough to get 1×1 time with each child when you have 3. I speak from experience!
    Good for you for making the time.

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time – claire’s is a great store for lots of’s important to make time with all of your’s truly a balancing act to make each one feel special (I have 4!)

  9. I have 3 girls and 1 boy – It’s often hard to have “Momma day” with my kids, but I love and need it just as much as they do. What a wonderful day you and your daughter had!

  10. First of all, she is the spitting image of you ! super gorgeous picture !!

    I used to enjoy those kind of days with my daughter. Now that she is older, we still do stuff together, but at aged 16 moms are embarrassing (which I totally understand) so its rarely just us two. (and usually ends up costing me lots of money lol)

    1. Heather, I’m holding onto her 7 year old hand for as long as I can!! Not looking forward to the teenage years. Hope you have a chance to connect in a ‘teenage’ approved way, which most likely includes shopping of some kind, right? ha!

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